6-Oracle Card Readings

Oracle card readings are something that I’ve done for myself for many years. I love the many beautiful styles of cards. Each is special in its own way.

Recently I completed a foundation Oracle Card Reading course to enhance my knowledge base of the cards, symbols, colour interpretations etc. While much of the reading is intuitive, knowledge of the other things makes for a fuller reading. The readings don’t predict anything, they just give us good food for thought for making decisions and can give us a bit of guidance for the energy of the day or days ahead..a bit of entertainment, a bit of fresh knowledge and insight.


The readings can be arranged through my etsy shop Beaded Delights By Stef.  They’re done, with love, via email!

Beaded Delights By Stef on etsy


Here are some of my favourite decks that I use for the readings!

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Beaded Delights By Stef on etsy