Monthly Archives: March 2018

Happy Thoughts – Poetry Corner 

Today is a poetry blog post day. We’ve got a sweet poem by Edgar A Guest about a father’s love for the toys that bring happiness to his children. There is also an audio version for your listening pleasure.  Toys … Continue reading

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Happy Thoughts – “What’s That” – Chakras 

Today  let’s talk about the chakras.   What’s that?  Chakras are said to be little spinning energy centres/wheels  that go throughout our body from the bottom  to the top. There are 7 chakras. Some people say that the modern chakras  theory … Continue reading

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Happy Thoughts – It’s ok to be unhappy! 

Happy or not so happy…you’re still ok! It’s ok to be unhappy. Sometimes being unhappy can signal that changes need to be made. We may have been travelling a certain path and it’s not working out. So maybe it’s time … Continue reading

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