Happy Thoughts – It’s ok to be unhappy! 

Snowdrops signal that spring is not far behind, no matter how dark and cold it is now!

Happy or not so happy…you’re still ok!

It’s ok to be unhappy.

Sometimes being unhappy can signal that changes need to be made. We may have been travelling a certain path and it’s not working out.

So maybe it’s time to have a think and come up with a new action plan.

We can try to hang  on in the situation while the New Plan works itself out, or we figure it out.

And then, you can find out that many times just the knowledge that we are doing something about our situation can lift our mind.

Sometimes we are unhappy because we are disappointed in ourselves or our efforts or our progress thus far.

I think there is no use in trying to put on a happy face. It’s ok to feel sad, even to cry, but if it’s a true desire we’ve got to come back and carry on.

Try to look at where we went wrong and try to set off on the right path. That’s where having a really strong  “why” reason for the journey, can help us. Also, helpful is having a community, or a group of friends, because we are often our hardest critic.

  So sometimes we need someone from the outside to tell us it’s not so bad…  or,  they may have an idea how we can pick ourselves up and move onwards and upwards.

When we are unhappy it’s hard to motivate ourselves to help ourselves. So sometimes it’s good just to spend a bit of time feeling sad – being in the moment –  and  then move on.

We can pick up a book that inspired us, listen to a podcast or something that lifts our spirits, or go outside get some air… Just do something – take some action to lift our mood.

How about you? let’s help each other.

How do you lift your mood when you’re feeling down?  Sometimes it’s hard. It takes effort. What do you do?

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About stefsvoice

Hi! I'm an American voice actress based in England. I believe wholeheartedly in the power of positive thinking, meditation and positive affirmations. I'm also a meditation/affirmations teacher on Insight Timer. That is why I started "Happy Thoughts", the Positive Affirmations and Audio stories podcast/blog. It's a quick burst of positive energy to help keep us on the right track. I've also have recorded affirmations, meditations andstories on Bandcamp - https://stefanialintonbon.bandcamp.com - for on-the go/anytime encouragement.
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