Happy Thoughts – 3 Ways to Rise Above Negative Emotions

Kahlil Gibran said “The appearance of things change according to the emotions, that’s we see magic and beauty in them, the magic and beauty are really in ourselves.”

What do you think he meant by that? Does he mean the world is a beautiful place and we only think beautiful thoughts? Does he mean there is no bad in the world? It gives us a little something to think about doesn’t it.

If you can think about this… it’s a sunny day, beautiful blue sky, birds singing. It’s hard to believe that you could think anything negative about that. But for one person it could be interpreted as a hot sticky day, no breeze blowing and a bunch of noisy birds that won’t shut up. This person could be in a bad mood. They could have lost their job the day before, a broken relationship, or they just woke up didn’t like what they saw in the mirror.

Whilst on the other hand someone woke up, perhaps they did some exercises to limber up, they had a delicious breakfast, and they are in awe that it is such a splendid morning with a beautiful blue cloudless sky, a gentle warm sun and sweet bird song.

Perhaps that person got a promotion at their job, got a new client for their business, just met someone that they know will be special relationship, and are generally just feeling good about themselves.

Same day, same circumstances just interpreted in two different ways because of the way the people are feeling.

It’s the same phenomena as when we are doing something boring and an 8-hour day seems like 24 hours. While, if we are with friends and doing something and enjoyable an 8-hour day can seem like the hours just flew by.

Same amount of time has passed, it’s just our perception. The state of our emotions.

So this is what I believe Kahlil Gibran was speaking about. Emotions affect perception.

So what can we do about this? Are we a slave to our emotions. No choice. That’s just how we feel?

I don’t think so. We can control to some degree, how things look to us; how we react to them.

3 principles…

Principle 1 is we have a conscious choice how we react to things in our outer and inner world.

Principle 2 is the power of discipline.

We have the power to control ourselves. Our feelings. We can be on a downward spiral, but often if we catch ourselves in time, we can stop the feeling of misery, bad mood, self dislike. Sometimes it comes on us unexpectedly, and I am speaking from my experience too, but if we can become aware of what’s happening, we can often ourselves out of the muck and mire.

It does take discipline because we can get so totally into down feelings that in a perverse way we almost enjoy it and it multiplies. That’s a really bad thing.

We have to use discipline just say stop… Stop it right now… This isn’t helping anything.

Sometimes we do need professional help to pull ourselves up, but in this case I’m speaking of a lesser degree of feeling bad. If we need help, don’t be afraid to get it, that takes a bit of discipline too.

The third point, I feel, is gratitude. It takes work sometimes, but no matter how miserable we are feeling, look for something good. Those noisy birds that are making all that racket singing, might be a really nice colour of birds. There’s something good, we just have to find it and be grateful for it.

That’s how the appearance of things can change according to our emotions. The things themselves don’t change. They are as they are and they stay as they are. But we change. We find that little drop of good to be grateful for. And as we put more feeling and love into it, that drop of good can turn into a shower of goodness. All because we made a choice that we were going to find this magic and beauty within ourselves instead of depending on it coming from outside. We exercised the discipline to push past our gloominess of mind, until we did it.

Then we looked for that tiny little seed of something to be grateful for. No matter how minuscule inconsequential it seemed, we found something… We persisted until we found something to be grateful for, and it expanded, end bit by bit we felt a little better. We found that magic and beauty that’s been buried in ourselves all along.

That was possibly a big job but we did it.

Check it out…

“The appearance of things change according to the emotions, and thus we see magic and beauty in them, while the magic and beauty are really in ourselves. ”

Can you see it? We have the power to change our moods, how we feel, how we see things… We’re not helpless. We’re not subject to the Fates. We have a choice. Might be easy, it might be hard to change but we have a choice, and with discipline and a feeling of gratitude we can move forward.

What do you think? When your day your week, your month goes really badly what are your favourite methods to turn things around? You can’t stay miserable forever. How do you overcome it? How do you dig find the magic and beauty within yourself, however you express magic and beauty.

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You’re the Best! 😊

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Happy Thoughts – Tough Self Love – Get A Grip

Have you heard about tough love? Well how about tough self-love. We often hear about yourselves, be gentle with yourself don’t speak harshly to yourself.
I think there is a time to speak a little bit harshly to oneself. Sometimes we really do something stupid. Sometimes we get in a self-pity mode. Or a moaning mode. Sometimes we just have to say to ourselves, suck it up.
This morning I was having a bit of a moan about transportation and I caught myself. I’d been moaning to myself for about this for about a day or two. And finally I had enough of my own self. And I said suck it up. Find another mode of transportation adoption and move on.
Negative habits just bring us down. No one likes to hear a perpetual complainer. And our own inner mind doesn’t like to hear us complain continuously about any circumstance. Sometimes we just have to pull our own selves up. And stop the annoying self behaviour.
Just don’t get carried away with correcting yourself. Don’t let that turn into self hatred or self derision.
That’s when we need to switch back into gentle self-love mode. We’ve correct ourselves, we’ve come up with an alternate plan, and we move on different more constructive direction. And we let go of the annoyance that we held from the past behaviour. We’re back on target, we’re ok. All is well. We are moving forward again. As a matter of fact, let’s congratulate ourselves and think how amazing we are that we saw clearly the naughty behaviour & took action.
Have you ever had to pull your own self up? Have you ever seen yourself as others might see you when you’re in complaining mode? You are bringing yourself down as well as others. It’s a kind of psychic pollution.
How did you pull yourself out of this mode into a more positive vibration? Feel free to share via the comments.



And now how about a few affirmations.
🔹I love myself
🔹I love myself too much to complain things that I can change
🔹I love myself as I am
🔹 I’m always looking for the best in any situation
🔹I am always looking for the best way to solve any problem positively and constructively
🔹It’s Ok to get angry
🔹It’s ok to get angry at myself as long as I don’t let it last too long
🔹I am open to constructive actions that come out of my self anger
🔹I know when to let go and move on
🔹I can always turn a situation around to see the positive solution .
🔹I can always find a positive angle to my problem or dilemma.
🔹It’s ok to seek help if I have a problem
🔹I love working things out
🔹I’m a natural Born winner
🔹I’m an achiever
🔹All is well

Here’s the podcast version of this blog post.

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Happy Thoughts – Steps to Happiness

This is an interesting bit of Prose which I came across recently. After reading and thinking about it I was guided to compose and add a few affirmations for us to work with.

Here’s the prose – “Steps To Happiness”. The author is unknown.


Steps to happiness

Everybody Knows

You can’t be all things to all people.

You can’t do all things at once.

You can’t do all things equally well.

You can’t do all things better than everyone else.

Your humanity is showing just like everyone else’s.


You have to find out who you are, and be that.

You have to decide what comes first, and do that.

You have to discover your strengths, and use them.

You have to learn not to compete with others,

Because no one else is in the contest of being you.


You will have learned to accept your own uniqueness.

You will have learned to set priorities and make decisions.

You will have learned to live with your limitations.

You will have learned to give yourself the respect that is due.

And you’ll be a most vital mortal.

Dare To Believe

That you are a wonderful, unique person.

That you are a once-in-all-history event.

That it’s more than a right, it’s your duty, to be who you are.

That life is not a problem to solve, but a gift to cherish.

And you’ll be able to stay one up on what used to get you down.

And here are the affirmations which I’ve composed for us:

✳️I am perfect as I am

✳️I am perfect as I am

✳️Essentially I am perfect as I am

✳️I continue to improve myself every day

✳️I continue something new every day

✳️I forgive myself for the mistakes that I have made

✳️I forgive myself for the mistakes that I have made without knowing

✳️I forgive myself for the mistakes that I have made when I knew what I was doing

✳️I let go and move on

✳️I forgive others

✳️And I open my heart to be forgiven by others

✳️Life is good

✳️I am grateful to be alive

✳️I am grateful for my friends

✳️ I am grateful for my home

✳️I am grateful for what health I do have

✳️I am grateful to be useful to others

✳️I am grateful to be useful to myself

✳️I am happy to be alive in this space and time

✳️I have a contribution to make to the world

✳️I am open to helping others

✳️Essentially I am perfect as I am

✳️I continue to improve myself every day

✳️I continue something new every day

✳️I forgive myself for the mistakes that I have made

✳️I forgive myself for the mistakes that I have made without knowing

✳️I forgive myself for the mistakes that I have made when I knew what I was doing

✳️I let go and move on

✳️I forgive others

✳️And I open my heart to be forgiven by others

✳️Life is good

✳️I am grateful to be alive

✳️I am grateful for my friends

✳️ I am grateful for my home

✳️I am grateful for what health I do have

✳️I am grateful to be useful to others

✳️I am grateful to be useful to myself

✳️I am happy to be alive in this space and time

✳️I have a contribution to make to the world

✳️I am open to helping others

✳️All is well


By the way, our podcast – Positive Affirmations And Audio Stories – is now available via iTunes, Spreaker, Spotify, Stitcher and TuneIn as well as podcast apps.

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Happy Thoughts-Keep Moving:The power of persistent action and affirmations

Today lets talk about persistence. Keep going. There’s no need to stop, unless you are stopping to rest


Conrad Hilton said success seems to be connected with action. Successful people keep moving. They make mistakes, but they don’t quit


How do you feel about quitting? Sometimes when we are pursuing a goal or a dream or even the beginning a big plan, we might make of false start and things don’t work out immediately, so we might think, it wasn’t meant to be. This is not my fate. This is harder than I thought it would be. This project is just getting too big, getting out of hand. I don’t know what to do


What you need to do is to keep going. It’s better to make a mistake and find a better way, than not to try at all.
There will be ups and downs on any path. You might make a false turn. Evaluate it, alter your plan, don’t just give up.
It’s ok to do things wrong out of ignorance. But you learn, you grow out at the ignorance and then you adapt, and you move forward once again.
The thing is you don’t have to know how to do everything that you need to do to work your plan. You can learn as you go. Don’t be afraid to ask questions, to do research, to improve your knowledge, your plan.
Things don’t have to be perfectly thought out before you start. You can start with the basics and go from there. If you make a mistake, it doesn’t mean that you are stupid or incompetent or reaching too far above yourself. It means you made a mistake. You’ve got to just keep moving. Taking some kind of constructive action to keep moving ahead. Don’t stop and gather dust. Don’t stop and give up. Don’t think you’re too old. You’re too poor. You’re too weak. Adapt. Keep moving forward.
You can take a break for a while if it gets too much. But don’t give up the dream the plan entirely. Take a rest. Do some research how to fill the hole in your plan.
Successful people keep moving. Success seems to be connected with action. Successful people make mistakes but they don’t quit.
The other problem that may happen is overplanning. Being too meticulous. Wanting to get everything perfect, before we even start.
Sure we’ve got to know what doing where we want to go, but the path is sometimes a curvy one. With lots of ups and downs, starts and stops. So don’t feel that we have to be perfect. That we have to start on the same step as someone admire, who’s been doing thing that we want to do for years.
They might have had false beginnings as well. They might have had many lessons to learn before they got on the right path. But they didn’t stop.
It’s a good idea if you can, to talk with someone who’s doing the thing that you want to be doing. If you don’t know anyone personally, perhaps you can go to talks and hear experts talk about your field of expertise. Perhaps you can get books, look at YouTube for lessons, watch TED talks for inspiration. These kind of things, these kind of actions can keep us going.
We’ve got to take action, we’ve got to do something, we’ve got to silence the voices that say we can’t do it so just stop.
Affirmations are very helpful to keep us strong. Just repeating energising inspiring words over and over again, as we take appropriate actions.
Here are a few samples of positive affirmations to help us keep going:


I am way stronger than think I am
I can do this thing
I am guided to right actions
The people I need to help me come into my life now
The people that I can help into my life now
I am open to success
I do what I have to do
I have plenty of time to reach my goal I start on it now
Time is money
It’s time for fresh opportunities to come to me now
I listen to my intuition for guidance
I am open to all sources knowledge to help me achieve my goal
I am grateful for my health
I am grateful I have the energy to keep moving forward on this goal
I am grateful that I can bounce back quickly from discouragement
It’s ok to make a mistake, it’s ok to make lots of mistakes
I analyse and learn from my mistakes
I am a winner
I approve of myself
I do my best, and I get better with each attempt
I am a success
I am a successful person
I am persistent
I am a positive thinking person
I am a winner!
All is well in my world!

Here’s an audio podcast version of this blog and the affirmations 😊

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Happy Thoughts – Positive Affirmations do they really work!

Let’s talk about affirmations, positive affirmations. Do they really work is it just a bunch of mumbo Jumbo nonsense?

I see yes positive affirmations do work. The secret is they don’t work. They don’t work by themselves. They don’t work just by saying them over and over.

They’ve got to be accompanied by as close to a100% believe as you can manage, and they’ve got to be accompanied by action.

Positive affirmations to me are like triggers, inspiration, reminders. That’s why we say the affirmation over and over. So that it can spur us on to right action.

Affirmations by themselves are not miracle workers, but combined with desire, innovation, creativity, and steady persistent action, they can be powerful allies and tools in our life skills survival kit.

Affirmations are best said in the present tense because it is what our minds and inner sense, intuitive knowing respond to.

If we make an affirmation in future tense, it’s always going to be in the future. We will always be moving towards it but never be there.

Like chasing something on a conveyor belt it’s always ahead of us and never with us. So make the affirmations in the present tense. The now. Such as, I am now making strides in my career. Your mind might think this is total nonsense, but keep at it. You might have to say that affirmation hundreds of times, but don’t give up.

You might even want to record yourself saying the affirmation & listen back to it. Another good idea to put a bit of inspirational music behind that Affirmation. And then listen to it every day as much as you can.

If your mind still tells you you’re full of nonsense, rubbish seek out affirmations that are voiced by others. They will be recorded in first person. That might be easier remind to accept. Something coming into you from the outside. ‘Surely that must be true because someone else said it about you’, your mind might think and accept the words more easily.

I have found that once I have been working with an affirmation for a while I’m spurred on to action. To think what can I do to move this affirmation along. Because as I/you are taking action now, it makes that affirmation more powerful and easier to believe that it is your now.

If your friends or colleagues or family are not amenable to what you are saying in your affirmation, then keep it to yourself. Do them secretly. Let the proof be the manifestation of your dream. You don’t need anybody’s permission to dream, to have goals, to have desires. As long as they don’t hurt anyone or impinge on anyone else’s rights.

Another good thing to do is to have a journal and to write your affirmations down. There is something very special about writing…from your mind to your hand to the paper of your journal. Of course you can always use your computer or apps as well if that works better for you.

The important is to believe, to be persistent holding onto your dream through use of affirmations, and then to follow the hunches, ideas intuition that comes to you for right action.

This may not be something that you can do alone so you can affirm as well that the right people who can help you come into your life, the right resources that you need will come to you.

But you have got to be willing to take action. It’s not just going to appear out of nowhere. We have to be willing to change, to grow, maybe even to step out of our comfort zone.

If we are quite shy it may be hard to get out and about. But we have to meet people. We have to be where the universe wants us to be to connect with those who can help us and with those whom we can help.

So yes affirmations do work but we have to work them. We have to be persistent… stubborn even.

Say them, write them, think them, hear them over and over, and then follow through on actions as we are guided.

So you tried working with affirmations? And how did it turn out?
Let’s share! Do you have any tips on how you made affirmations work for you?

Here’s the podcast version of this post ☺️

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Happy Thoughts – Enjoy today

Just a short post today… A micro blog post… stream of thought! Just something that came to me & I wanted to pass it along.

Today’s Wisdom Bit…

Let’s enjoy nature and Nature’s beauty. Enjoy each day and not just wish our lives away. We are blessed. Plan for the future but take each day as it comes.

How do you feel about that? How do you keep yourself grounded and focused on the now… enjoying life, the ups and downs, the people you meet and live with, the challenges, your dreams and hopes, and your me/alone time.

Feel free to share and comment!


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How to Make Progress in Life

How To Make Progress in Life

There’s an anonymous saying that the only time you should look back is to see how far you have come.
Sometimes when we are having a bit of difficulty in life or a disappointment, or a delay seeing our plans come to fruition, we might be tempted look back and think that life was so much better in the past before we decided to take this path.
Or even worse, we might look back and think of all the times that we did not succeed.
I hold up my hand. I’ve been there.
Let’s approach that from a different direction. Let’s look back with gratitude on all good things that we did in the past that led us to this point.
If we do that, I’m pretty sure that we will see evidence of progress. Maybe we haven’t quite reached our desired goal, but we have learnt a lot along the way. We know more the correct action to take to move ahead.
It just takes a conscious shift in our mentality to look at what good points have occurred in our journey, rather than dwelling on how many times we fell. Think about all the times we got back up.
Did we take courses along the way to learn our craft, or read books, or speak to other professionals? That’s new knowledge that we have now that we didn’t have before.
When your mind, your feelings are scraping the bottom of the barrel, look up, look at the writing on the sides of that barrel. That’s your history. That’s your journey. That’s your progress no matter how small. Use those memories to climb back up those walls and move on.
Oprah Winfrey said “be thankful for what you have and you’ll end up having more. If you concentrate on what you don’t have, you’ll never ever have enough.”
If you keep looking back to verify that you’re a failure, you end up staying there. Look back at your successes to see and reaffirm how far you have come, and take that confidence to move on, and enjoy your life!
It’s so easy to look back and make ourselves sad or disappointed in our current situation. Do you have any tips to share on how you pull yourself out of that hole?
How do you turn it around and look at how far you have come, instead of how far you have to go?
Here’s the audio version of this blog post:

Feel free to share in the comments, or visit our Facebook page at Positive Affirmations And Audio Stories.
That’s all for today!

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