Happy Thoughts-Got an Idea, Part 2

The birth of an idea…

Creative ideas can come to us from anywhere & everywhere. We wrote about this in the previous blog post.


Here’s the podcast that explores some places and spaces where we can find inspiration and the beginnings of new ideas to us & through us, others, to grow and prosper!

The photo is of a deck of cards which is full of idea starting activity suggestions. There’s more info about this in the podcast.

Have a happy life! 🙂

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Happy Thoughts – Here’s an Idea!

Ideas can sometimes come to us in a flood it’s true, but sometimes it’s like being in a desert…not a drop in sight.


I heard that in the Cosmic consciousness of men and women kind, there are tons of ideas just floating around in the ether waiting to be born.

So why do we sometimes sit there with a blank piece of paper and can’t think of  anything.

Good ideas are sometimes like clouds they blow in… and they blow out.

We just have to get good at capturing them, at being on the watch for them, at being alert for them.


For one thing, your phone can be your best friend in catching ideas.

I like to use the speech to text  app to dictate ideas as they come in my head. Then I can explore them later on.

Or you can use the phone’s recorder to capture ideas, or you can use a notepad on your phone to write things down and take care of it later.

Walking is also a good way to spawn a few ideas.

I read somewhere that the late Steve Jobs, the founder of Apple, used to sometimes have meetings while walking because he believed thinking on the move freed people’s minds.  That’s kind of a good idea especially if you are walking in nature, because your mind is relaxed & ideas can come.

It is also a good idea to keep a notebook by your bed so you can write ideas that might pop into your head the first thing in the morning.

Or sometimes if you write down the germ of an idea before you go to bed,  your subconscious kind of mulls it over while you sleep, and you might wake up with a solution.

Also it’s good to expose ourselves to new things that can give us a broader  area to draw influences and ideas from. Some possibilities include reading books, watching movies, travelling to new cities & countries,  or just exploring new places in your city or town.

Just always  keep a notebook or something to capture the idea when it comes into your head. I know from experience it is possible to get an idea and five minutes later you forgot what it is that you thought of.


Another good technique that sometimes works for me is colouring.
I’ve got a little collection of those  colouring books for adults like mandalas or flowers.  Your mind just gets totally relaxed and in the zone of colouring the picture.

There is also a Prayer or meditation. and brainstorming with trusted friends. or family. You can listen to music to relax you, music to stimulate you, or you can do a couple of Jumping Jacks/Star Jumps to get your brain going.

Well that’s all I can think of for now.
I seem to have run out of ideas! 😄

Let’s share how do you get  get your ideas flowing  when you feeling a bit dry and short on innovation.

And here’s an affirmation for us:

My mind is open and alert to new ways of doing things and inspiration from the world around me. Ideas come to me from anywhere & everywhere.

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Happy Thoughts-Update

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This is just a technical post. Will be back to regular posts later today! 😀

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Happy Thoughts – Right Attitude

Greetings! Today we’ve got a bit of prose with a riddle. It’s something that we all are born with…everyone’s got it…

We just have to work with it, to make it work for us. Then it’s all good. It’s one of our most useful tools for survival too!


Orkney, Scotland

This mysterious quality which we possess is ours to control. We can spin it to enrich the lives of other like a mystical, magical frisbee, or we can hurl it with deadly aim to hurt ourselves as well as others. This quality can take us and those we love to wonderful heights of success, or it can plunge us into the pits of depression. It’s with us from the time we wake up, until we go to sleep.
Have you guessed it yet?

It’s our attitude! And here’s the riddle in prose:

What Am I

I am seldom considered, though I do more to influence everything about you than virtually any one thing in your life.  I often control the time you get up in the morning, the time you go to sleep, what you eat and drink and the very thought that runs through your head.  I can make you either happy or sad, loving or hateful, cheerful or remorseful, congenial or spiteful and in doing so, control the very capacity that you have for success.

No, you don’t often think of me. Instead you BLAME the problem I create on the shortcoming of others, or the state of the economy, or your family or a million other reasons.  Often at times unable to find anyone else to BLAME, you look for shortcomings within yourself on which to lay the BLAME.

When my impact on your life fully is considered in your every thought and action, when you are mindful of my awesome power, when you nurture and groom me for positive use in your life, I can become more contagious than the most prolific disease ever witnessed by man.  My influence will spread to every person you come in contact with.

Groomed and nurtured in a positive manner there will be no person or obstacle that can stand in the way of my success or fail to be impacted for the better. 

‘I Am Your Attitude’

Author Unknown

Here is the  podcast of the poem, and a little discussion about attitude. There’s also an affirmation.



How do you manage your attitude? How do you keep yourself in a good, positive space? How do you bring yourself back when you slip off the track?

Feel free to add comments to the blog, or tweet us on twitter @stefsvoice. Our Facebook page is Positive Affirmations and Audio Stories. Visit “Stefania Lintonbon” on Amazon, itunes or the Google Play store for affirmation and meditation mp3s.


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Happy Thoughts- Oracle card reading on a hot day

We’ve got an oracle card reading for you on this scorchio hot day! These turned out to be good ones for energy and encouragement. 🙂


Believe in Magic; Giving Birth

Miracles can happen. With planning and work and faith, dreams/goals can be birthed and then come true!

Here’s a video for you, explaining the reading!

Have a marvelous day!  😍🌻

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Happy Thoughts – You CAN do it!



Today I was browsing through this lovely little book, 60 Ways to Feel Amazing by Lynda Field, and came across a very enlightening source of inspiration, ‘Just Do It’. Often we want to do things but are a bit afraid. Though, sometimes it might just be not enough determination, discipline or time! Let’s pick a few things, and give it a go. You can do it!

Lynda suggested that we pick three things that we want to do, but haven’t, and examine why we haven’t done it, what do we feel is stopping us, and what would be the best and worst outcome of taking action.

I believe, often when we look deeply and carefully at a situation, it’s not as scary as we think. Maybe we just need to take things in small bites to take the pressure off.

Sometimes maybe we need to find the right “why”. For instance, I’m doing a 30-day exercise challenge. My “why” for continuing? Of course it’s to get and stay fit, but greater than that is I don’t want to stop, because that means I’ll have to start all over again with the challenge from day one! So I must discipline myself.

Maybe you’d like to improve your social life, find a partner, a new job, go on your first solo vacation? Or it could be something tiny like take more time off, but you feel too busy and fear you might miss some golden opportunities if you don’t keep your nose to the grindstone.

Let’s share! How do you challenge yourself to try new things, or pursue goals that you’ve been a bit afraid to go after. Let’s help and encourage each other.

Here is a You Tube video with the podcast that goes with this topic. There is an affirmation included:


All for now! 😌




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Happy Thoughts-Oracle Cards for the Day

Today I felt the impulse to pull some oracle cards to give us some positive intuitive energy & guidance.

Whilst the cards don’t tell us concretely what to do, they can give us some guidance & food for thought! 🙂


I used the “Magical Unicorns” and the “Ganesha” decks.

It’s all about Prosperity & getting up and taking action.

Here’s my YouTube video with the reading:

Happy Weekend! 😁🌺

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