Angel Card for today!

In these most unusual times, we must stay strong & take care of our health. Coincidentally, that’s what what today’s Angel Oracle Card tells us! 😇🌻

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Happy Thoughts-Turbo charge up your goals with these 3 steps

Ronald Dahl was a British novelist who wrote stories screenplays and he was also fighter pilot. You might be familiar with some of his books turned into movies such as Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory, the scary James and the Giant Peach, and Witches. He passed away in November 1990.

But this blog post is about exploring something very interesting that he said.
He said

“if you are interested in something no matter what it is.. go at it full speed. Embrace it with both Arms, hug it love it and above all be passionate about it. Lukewarm is no good.”

Let’s explore that. Do you think he was just saying to us that if we had no idea, no plan, just do it it ‘… -just go off and do it. …

I think maybe that’s not exactly what he meant.
I think that he did mean in order to carry through with an idea through all the disappointments, and ups and downs that we could encounter along the way,
we’ve got to be totally committed.
We’ve got to be so committed that we bounce back from any hardship. We bounce back from any feeling of ‘I don’t want to do this today’.
Our desire, our ‘why’ is great enough to get us off that sofa and to our desk or work place to work on making our dream a reality.
It’s very interesting that when we are lukewarm or lackadaisical about a goal, it so easy to give up.
And it’s also a bit hard to get some support when we’re very lukewarm about our goal because enthusiasm and passion are what incite others to follow us or just help us out. Our enthusiasm helps others to see our dream and sometimes it convinces them to join in the endeavour.
To help us however they can … be that referring us to a book that will help us ..introducing us to someone who might be able to help us move along to the next step…or even pitching in and giving physical help when needed to reach our goal . It’s our enthusiasm, it’s our full speed ahead attitude that convinces others to help us.
And, that attracts to us the help and resources we need.
That gives us the strength to keep going when the Going Gets Tough.
And I believe that at the desire to serve others, the desire to offer assistance, to lift others, to show them how to do do something that will improve their lives in some way is is a powerful motivating force to keep us moving full speed ahead.
Sometimes if our ‘why’ is just solely to benefit ourselves, it’s easy to give ourselves a break. And give up.
There’s nothing wrong with taking a rest but that’s not the same as giving up entirely.
Sometimes if our ‘why’ is just about me, it’s easy to say: no one’s being hurt if I stop. I’m tired.
But if you’ve got something to offer, a dream to serve others, a service to bring to the world, that becomes your reason to keep moving. You’ve got something to give and you’ve got to give it. Nothing can stop you. Slow us down maybe…
Ronald mentions loving your dream,embracing it.
How do we do that? I think there are several tools that will help us to embrace our desire to love it, to be it.
Three things come to mind vision boards, journalling, and networking or master minding.
With the Vision board, we have pictures of what we want to come into our lives …pictures and words, and we look at this everyday.
This could be a big board that we put on a wall somewhere or it could be something on our phone.
For instance my vision board is on my phone. It’s a collection of photographs & a collection of sayings or words, and then I play it as a slideshow, and I look at it it almost every day.
It is just a matter of taste. You could cut out pictures and put it on a board on your wall, but the phone is just more convenient for me.
The next idea is is journalling. Again this is something that you could either have a physical book and write down your thoughts which is kind of connecting your hand to your mind to your emotions as you journal, or or you can do it on your phone on an app or in a notebook.
Just write down your feelings, write down your dreams, write down what you think might be stopping you , write down what you think would help you, write down how you think you could overcome those things that you feel are stopping you. Write down your mission statement, your why.
Journalling can help us to clarify our thoughts so we don’t just have blind passion for a goal, rather we have intelligent focused passion that will take us in the right direction ,and keep us on track when we start to wander off the path. It’s totally ok to be passionate and still to take a break, when we have gone on too much. Our passion will help us to start again after we have rested and refreshed ourselves.
The third idea that I have to help us to keep that passion, Enthusiasm ,love, hugging the dream to our hearts – is linking with people who support our goal, who are of a similar mindset so that we support each other.
We will often find that we cannot achieve this goal by ourselves, we might need people who have complementary skills or complementary knowledge, or just who can help us keep our spirits up as we do the same for them.
Or someone of a complementary mindset whom we can bounce things off of , exchange ideas & plans.
This has to be someone whom we trust, and know has our best interests at heart and can help us, as we help them be accountable to the actions we need to take, to achieve a dream.
Sometimes in might be hard to find this kind of a person and we might have to go alone for a good long while, but we can do it. Because if we don’t have this person in our lives, that’s what books and podcasts and motivational speakers are for … to keep the fire burning.
So that in my mind is the magic trio to keep our goals hot and keep running at full speed: vision boards or visualisation, journalling, and being as best we can with like-minded people who support and encourage us.
How about you? What do you do to keep yourself in the groove. To keep going on a goal when things are going slow or not moving at all, or you begin to doubt yourself and wonder what you are doing trying to accomplish this task.
How do you pull yourself back ? How do you get out of lukewarm mode and turn the heat and passion back up?
Let’s share let’s help each other. Feel free to leave a comment or visit us on Twitter @stefsvoice. Or visit our Facebook group positive affirmations and audio stories.
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Commitment and Following Through

Just a “slice of life” blog post today! 😊

If you commit to doing something, follow through with it. Don’t let yourself get distracted.

I was committed to listening/attending this webinar. But at the time of the webinar start, I was at a shopping mall. Wouldn’t get home in time.

My first thought was well I guess I’m going to miss the webinar. But then I said are you determined to move ahead; are you willing to do the work… and the first step was to stop find a seat at the mall, get plugged in via my phone,and attend webinar to learn what I needed to learn.

Just do it! Find a way.

Do you have a time when you were determined to achieve a goal & were tempted to just go with the flow & take the easy route…BUT, you didn’t…you just adapted and carried on with the plan? Let’s encourage each other…feel free to leave a comment.

P.S. The instagram webinar was fantastic & well worth it.


Coffee fuels us up…donations keep us going. 😊 Pop over to ko-fi if you’d like to financially support our work. Thanks!

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Entering a podcast contest

Thank you 4 your encouragement for my uplifting podcast- “Positive Affirmations And Audio Stories”. You can listen to the latest episode on the “podcast” page to this blog’s site.

So what’s new???

I just found out about this contest venture. I’m taking the leap and going for an award.

I’d be ever so grateful – if you are up for it – if you would cast a vote for my podcast in the “open” OhMyPod. category before 12/31! Many thanks friends.🙋🏾‍♀️

Here’s the link —

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Wake Up With Joy

When we first wake up up before we are fully awake and the just before we fall asleep are two of the most important times of the day for our minds and the power it holds. Let’s talk about waking up with positive energy.

When you wake up, how do you feel? How do you speak to yourself? Are you happy to embrace the new day, or do you dread it. Are you feeling motivated and ready to go, or do you arise with the feeling of ‘another day that I haven’t reached my goal’; ‘another day stuck in the hole.’; ‘I’ll never make it.’
Thoughts are things you know. We’ve got to programme ourselves from the moment we wake up, to look forward. We can’t stop the negative or fear thought from coming into our heads upon awakening, but we can stop it from taking root and growing into an uncontrollable monster. I’ve been there! It’s not nice.
So how do we wake up and control our mind. For one thing, it might be best not to listen to the news first thing in the morning. This can often happen when a clock radio alarm goes off on the hour or half hour. You don’t want to hear about troubles as soon as you wake up. Turn the sound down for the duration that the news usually runs so you don’t hear it. You can always turn it back up when the music or weather comes back.
Now when the black thought clouds start tumbling in, as soon as you become aware of them, stop right then, and change those thoughts to more constructive ones. A quick fix might be to immediately start saying a favourite affirmation over and over till you obliterate that dark thought.
Thoughts are things you know. We’ve got to programme ourselves from the moment we wake up, to look forward.
Here are 10 Affirmations that could be really useful in helping us to turn our minds towards the good and positive upon awakening. They can actually be said at any time of the day.

Give them a try!😊

  1. Confidence empowers me to take action and live life to the fullest
  2. When I see something I want, I make a plan of action, and go for it confidently with all of my energy.
  3. Developing confidence improves my life
  4. Feeling confident, assured, and strong is a normal part of my every day life
  5. All is well
  6. Today is a new day.
  7. I embrace all that is good in this new day.
  8. I am strong – physically, mentally and spirituality
  9. My faith in myself is now unshakable.
  10. My belief in myself is secure.

    Do you have any tips that you’d like to share for waking up with positive energy? Feel free to share them in the comments. Let’s help each other! 😊

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    Stefania’s happy thoughts ko-fi page

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Happy Thanksgiving Day


Thank you for your follows and likes. I really appreciate them. I’m grateful. A day late, but Happy Thanksgiving Day to all my stateside readers! 😊

As a vegetarian I really didn’t want to pop the turkey in this pic, but no nut roast or other veggie-friendly stickers to hand 🤣😂

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Big Announcement- 10 Day Gratitude Challenge

#terrifictuesday ANNOUNCEMENT! 😊🐬

We’ve got a new idea for a group project going on over at my motivational facebook page – Positive Affirmations And Audio Stories. Feel free to join in. It’s all about gratitude . Being grateful and having fun.

Let’s embrace and participate in “10 days of Gratitude”. We can be thankful for anything going on in our lives at this time- big or small.

Place all your gratitude comments in the gratitude thread on the page, so we can keep them all together.

At the end of the 10 days, I’ll put all the names of those who completed between 6 to 10 days of the 10-day period in a hat, and 2 people will receive a 6-card, Oracle card “Working On Goals” reading.

The gratitude period starts tomorrow Wednesday 27 November and goes until Friday 06 December. When you make your gratitude comment, please date it so I can keep track.

Thanks so much! 🙋🏾‍♀️🌻

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