How to Attract What You Want!

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Roadblocks to Pursuing Dreams – How to Get Unstuck

Sometimes we have a really super, lovely dream that we’re holding close to our hearts. But try as hard as we might, it is just not happening. What’s off? What’s going wrong? Were we not clear enough? Is it the wrong dream?

Maybe it’s time not to give up, but just to give that goal another look and tweak it a bit.

So maybe the first thing to do is get the dream – or whatever is the newest version of it – out of our heads and on paper – whether actual or digital.

Next here are a few things to thing about to help you get back on track to living your dream – making it your reality…

1. Is this goal really all that important to you, or is there something else lurking in the background. What’s your highest priority in this lifetime?

What’s most important for you to experience, explore or embrace this time around? Until you answer this question, your life goals will be off purpose. Unaligned with your inner passion, your intentions will lack the power to attract the people and situations necessary to become a reality.

Sometimes we want to do one thing, but something else is pulling at us either consciously or unconsciously.

Think about what really makes you happy and your heart sing. What activities did you enjoy as a child? What are your hobbies now? When your goals are aligned with your soul, synchronicity kicks in to guide you to your target. because your mind isn’t split and you’re in 100%

2. Another thing that we may not even be aware of … Is this your dream, or someone else’s?

Sometimes everybody else thinks that they know what’s best for us. What we should be doing with our lives. And we can get swayed by well meaning family and friends… Or sometimes not so well meaning.

Are your goals your own choice, or what others think you should strive for? Do you want to look back in your old age and wish you had followed your passion? Will you regret having “played it safe?”

Maybe it’s time to do what you really want to do. It can help if you find and associate yourself with people who are doing what you want to do, so that you can be inspired and know that it IS possible to live the life of your dreams. Plus like attracts like…it’as good to be with people who are in a similar vibe as you are or aspire to be. You can encourage lift each other’s spirits.

Is it selfish to go after your own dream? What joy can you give to others if you haven’t given it to yourself first?
It’s your life to serve and help others in the way that’s right for you and gives you joy and a good sense of self esteem and well being.

3. Are you settling for less than?

Are you resigned to accepting less than your full share of love, health and success this lifetime? Have you compromised and sacrificed your dream?

Anything short of living your true passions might just make you always wish for that little bit more. It’s one thing to switch your focus on a dream because something else has taken priority, but it is another to just give up and settle for what you’ve got. It’s wonderful to be great for our lives always at any given time of course, but you can aim higher – for a lifestyle more compatabile with your ideal dream if you still want to.

4. What will you feel like when you reach your dream?

Personal passion fuels a vision. Dive into the thrill and exhilaration of the feeling of living your dream. Visualise it.

See yourself living your dream life in every detail. Before you go to sleep is a good time to let all that goodness sink into your subconsciousness over night. And again at some point in time whilst you’re awake.

Write about a pretend day in your ideal life. Have fun with it! Where your attention goes, energy flows.

5. What steps can you take today toward your dream?

Don’t put it off any more. Set up supports and systems around you to move your good intentions into action. Welcome every opportunity that is in line with your purpose and vision. Find online or offline groups that are in harmony with your goals. Read about it, watch videos, get all the information and training that you can, so you can be confident that you are good enough and up to the task.

Are there smaller projects that lead to your larger dream? If the dream is to run a marathon, train for a local fun-run first. And find a way to measure your progress. Track those little wins- by writing in a journal or telling a friend.

6. Are you telling yourself: “I can’t have my dream?”

Some people don’t believe they can live their dream. Either their belief system has them believing they can’t make a living doing what they love, or they feel they don’t deserve their dream.

To avoid the pain of feeling they can’t have their dream, people often keep their dream so buried they can’t remember they ever had a dream. Or we might pretend that it really doesn’t matter. But, if you’re still thinking about it, even once in a great while…it DOES matter.

Unless it’s something that physically depends on having for instance, a younger body, age doesn’t need to stop us either. No does education or lack of training.

So if we’ve changed our priorities or something better has come into our lives instead of the old dream, let’s enjoy the new. But if there’s still that little nagging at the back of our minds, and self confidence is the main thing holding us back. Let’s go for it. Little by little, inch by inch, bigger steps forward let’s give is a try. We are good enough!

So have you had a long time dream that you managed at last to make it come true. How did you do it? Feel free to comment and share.

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See you there❣️
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Are You An Optimist or A Pessimist. Is One Better Than the Other?

“The pessimist sees difficulty in every opportunity. The optimist sees the opportunity in every difficulty “

– Winston Churchill

Which one are you, I wonder?

Can we be a bit of  both depending on our mood or our circumstances? Or is optimism something  that can weather the storm, whether it’s a sunny or a rainy day of life.

Is an optimist someone that we would consider just to have a more consistent mood no matter what.

An optimist, when faced with a problem, tends to find the upside to the situation and starts  figuring out ways to solve that problem, or ways to turn it around.

A pessimist, however,  immediately throws up their hands, and says  “I can’t do it…waste of time to try anymore!”

Or they will distance themselves from the problem, pretending it doesn’t matter. This is denial, and it never works.

The person who is is usually considered by many, to be the world’s foremost expert on optimism, Dr. Martin Seligman, says everyone is born optimistic.

But, 95% of grownups – believe it or not- are pessimists, not optimists.  What goes wrong?  Some   people see the glass as half empty.  Others see it as half full. 

I really think we tend to be an optimist sometimes and a pessimist other  times. 

A lot of times things turn out according to how we feel about the situation.  If somebody feels like something will go well or feels optimistic about it, it usually seems to go well.    

The same is true of the other way.  When someone feels like something will go badly, it tends to do just that. It’s like a prediction and the action is following the thought.

One indication that you are dealing with a pessimist is in a simple phrase they will use in stressful situations – “I can’t” . The pessimist is helpless, powerless and it shows in that response.

The optimist responds with – “I won’t” . The optimist is making a conscious choice, not just reacting.

An optimist prefers to think more positively. We can focus on what we really want, not what might happen to us.

Here are some ideas about optimists

• Optimists achieve their goals because they never give up

• Optimists attract Success naturally

• Optimists are happier, healthier and more energetic than pessimists

• Optimists are easier to be around, inspiring people around to be positive

• Besides the above, optimists lead higher quality of life.

( I think that last quality is because maybe when we are in an optimistic mood,  we are more appreciative of what we have at any point in time and therefore, we can feel happier – and that leads to a higher quality of life, because one is more satisfied –  even though a person can still be ambitious – one is more satisfied at any point in life.)

Both qualities that I just mentioned are all probably true just by the fact that optimists’ positive thinking makes challenging situations – “not that bad” after all.

Now true optimism is not sitting back, thinking positive thoughts, and hoping everything will turn out all right.

  It’s how you see the world, positively rather than negatively. You face each situation, each problem, and each occasion with a positive attitude; and you always look forward to the “benefits” you will derive from it.

You have a choice. 

“Change your thoughts and change  your world,” said Norman Vincent Peale.

Really , our attitude is a conscious choice.

  If we choose pessimism, we’re choosing to see the down side of every situation, regardless of any positive input that might show itself. We could be prone to judge people unfairly, and be pretty much unhappy with life, and maybe ourselves as well.

On the other hand, if we are a bit more  optimistic, we’re empowering ourselves to see the positive side of each challenge, and to see the good in people.

We’ll probably be more likely to take action to further improve our life and be with people who we care about and who care about us.

Life just gets better with that half-full glass rather the half empty one.

Choosing to be more optimistic and positive does not mean we won’t encounter difficult times, trauma, loss and many challenges.  What it does  mean is that we will have more power on our side to help us through those tough times.     

We’ll bounce back faster and make better choices, rather than letting life just wash over us.    We’ll learn to be proactive, instead of reactive.

If you’re not naturally optimistic and positive, don’t worry. You can learn how to use your  thoughts to change your attitude and emotions. 

It’s not always easy though I have to say. Sometimes it’s up and down.  Some days will be very challenging, but you can do it.

Improving your optimism rates is really one of the most important actions you can take to improve your life.

It’s like your mental immune system. But it does  take a little – and sometimes a lot – of work.

It takes deliberate, conscious awareness of your thoughts and feelings. And then acting on that awareness.

Here are a few tips to get you started.

Every time you think a negative thought, stop right there and flip it around to find  the positive aspect of the situation. Do this each time and build on it.  It CAN  become a habit to be positive and upbeat about your life.

Practice your ‘positive thinking’ and your ‘positive feeling’ .  Give yourself permission to think new thoughts and feel new feelings.

Sometimes it might be even easier to do a bit of journaling.

On one side of a piece of paper you might write how you feel about situation with your previous or habitual pessimistic attitude,  and then on the other side  pretend like you’re a optimistic person and write down how do you think an optimistic person would handle the situation.

That exercise can help to expand your mind and just help you get a feel of what it would be like to think a bit more optimistically.

Maybe no matter how positive we are,  life is going to be up and down sometimes…

sometimes we feel happy, 

… and  sometimes we feel sad.

Sometimes the news or world events or just things going on in our everyday life can throw us into a funk or a pessimistic mood.

But with a bit of an optimistic spirit,  it can just make life go a little more smoothly.

How do you handle your ups and downs? Do you feel like you’re more of a pessimistic person or an optimistic person?

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