Happy Thouhts-Oracle card reading for the weekend-Prosperity


Today we’ve got a card reading for a safe, happy and blessed weekend. I used my Ganesha and Amethyst pendulum for guidance.

This weekend it’s about Prosperity and returning to childlike freedom of heart and mind. Prosperity-Abundance takes many forms in addition to monetary. Sri Ganesha is the God of Abundance.

Here’s a You Tube video with the reading:

Blessings to you…have a great weekend!

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Happy Thoughts – A special Halloween audio tale-Part 2


Lafcadio Hearn,Author of Diplomacy



Well we are back with part 2 of our ghostly Halloween tale – “Diplomacy” by Lafcadio Hearn. Did the master learn the lesson? He will now!

Settle back in your seats and enjoy! Woooooo! 🎃



Halloween Part2

Creative commons vintage artwork

Have a safe and happy Halloween! All is well! 👻

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Happy Thoughts-A Halloween AudioTale-Pt 1

In honour of Halloween we’ve got a two-part special audio story for you. Tonight is part one, and tomorrow, Halloween you can hear part 2.

It’s a ghostly story by Lafcadio Hearn, written a very long time ago, in the early 1900’s. 1904 to be exact! Lafcadio Hearn was an American writer who lived in Japan and became very enamoured of Japanese culture. He then wrote many stories that were deeply rooted in Japanese lore and legend. Sit down, relax and have a little listen.
See you again tomorrow night! Woooo!👻

Lafcadio Hearn

Lafcadio Hearn

Here is part one of “Diplomacy” by Lafcadio Hearn, read by myself. It’s from my podcast on Spreaker. Enjoy!



Part 2 will be uploaded in tomorrow night’s blog.


photo from Creative Commons images


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Happy Thoughts – Oracle Card Reading for Today – Communicate


Hello! Today we’ve got something a little different! We’ve got an Oracle Card Reading for you. And today’s message is about communicating from the heart. Let’s discuss!


Here are the cards and the video is below, discussing the reading! There’s also an affirmation at the end.

How do you communicate? How do you move forward through communication with colleagues, friends and loved ones?

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Have a super weekend!

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Happy Thoughts – Looking After #1!


Today let’s talk about looking after number one.

Some people think that’s a bad thing.  That it means we are self centred ..
selfish ..don’t care about anyone else.

  But actually that’s not true.  Looking after number one – yourself – shows that you do care about others because you want to give them the best of yourself. If you don’t believe in yourself and your abilities,  who will?  We don’t have to get permission… to have someone tell us …that we are worthy, that we have a talent, skills for example, positive helpful energy to share with the world.

We must nurture  our own selves. We must take good care of our health so that we have the energy to do what we need to do … so that we have the energy to believe that we can do what we need to do,  and to have the energy and will to accomplish it.

If we are looking to others for this core support, it’s not going to happen.

If we don’t have that deep down ‘I am worthy’, ‘I am taking care of myself’ energy; if we look to others to provide it for us, it can be taken away.

Because other people have their own needs,  their own lives,  their own priorities their own agendas.

Some of those agendas may not be  in our highest good,  because they may feel in competition with us, or they may just have their own concerns to address.

Yes we have to be open to people wanting to help us, wanting to love us, wanting to care for us, and we do the same to others; But we have to have a deep, as unshakeable as possible,  believe in ourselves and love for ourselves.

That’s my interpretation of looking out for number one… self preservation,  self love self belief, self confidence,  and then that flows out from us  to care for and nurture them.

So how do we get there? Maybe with affirmations, by reading  books and things that lift us up.  By  having a little think about what are we good at.  What are our  talents?  What  valuable thing do we have to share with the world?  Develop that skill.  Grow confident in it, and then  share it with others as a means of financially supporting you self and as one channel of support for your own  self & growth.

Here’s a podcast version of today’s blog, along with an affirmation:

So, let’s share! How do you define taking care if yourself, and how do you make sure to do this daily, while still being aware of the needs of other people in your life? Feel free to leave a comment. Let’s all help each other!

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Happy Thoughts – Oracle Card for the Day


Today we’ve got a lovely and lively card reading with our dragon guides, and my Iolite Amethyst pendulum.

These are the two cards that I was guided to select for us.

It’s all about Love & personal power. You are strong, and you are blessed!
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Here’s the video for a brief look at our cards:

Have a great week! 😄

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Happy Thoughts – Share the Misery – NOT!



Today let’s talk about Misery. Or rather let’s talk about getting out of the miserable vibe that may have us in its boney clasp, and move into a more positive space. We may all have a dark side, but let’s acknowledge it and move on…it can be done… we can be happy! Let’s explore this!

Share the Misery…misery loves company… laugh and the world laughs with you,  weep and you weep alone.

It’s not a very positive thing, but isn’t it amazing that sometimes when you feel bad, you might want everybody else to feel bad to?  So you start grumbling, you wear a long face, you give everybody dirty looks.

What good does that do? It’s great to share your feelings, but sometimes its best to just keep them to yourself.

If you have a friend or someone that you can talk over your situation with then that’s good.  It’s a way to let go of the negative feelings.  That’s the positive way of sharing your misery.

I’m not talking about feeling sad. But at other times we just have a negative dark aura energy about us.  We  all have a dark side and sometimes that dark side just wants to take over.

And you know we get more of what we put out, so that just starts the downward sad cycle,  and the one who suffers is us, not our target.

However  sometimes our target is ourselves. We get engaged in a pity party and we just can’t seem to stop attacking and putting ourselves down.

How in the heck do we get out of it. How do we pull ourselves out of the muck and mire?

Awareness!  Awareness is the key.  We have to stop, we have to thank those negative feelings, and tell ourselves it is time to move on.

Then  do something physical to break the spell.  Take a walk.  Listen to the radio or a podcast, read a book.  Just do something  to change your mind, to change your energy, to change your aura.

Even breathing… taking some deep breaths.

Then come into awareness of your situation. Try to distance yourself from your feelings.  Ask yourself what is wrong  with the situation and how can I change it now.  Even if you can only make a small action, what is that action which you can do to change your energy and lift yourself.

If the cause is some someone else, how can you be at peace with the situation.

How can you make a plan to maintain your equilibrium at this point in time even if you have to make a change at some point in the future.

Misery hurts. It hurts the people that you direct it at and it hurts yourself, your health, your mind, your body, your energy.

You’ve got to break free, and you’ve got to do it as soon as you become aware that you are in that cycle.

I’ve been there and it doesn’t feel good at all.  But as soon as I can, I bring my conscious mind to an awareness of what is going on and thus   I can change it and lift my mind and energy.

Let’s share! How do you get yourself out of a funky mood and not spread it around.

If you’d like to hear the podcast, which also includes an affirmation, you can listen to it here:


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