Happy Thoughts – 2018 Set Goals, Not Resolutions 

Well here we are 13 days into the new year.

Have you made your resolutions yet?

If not don’t bother! Don’t make resolutions, set goals.

It’s so easy to promise to ourselves I’ll lose weight, I will exercise more, I’ll find a new job, I’ll start my own business. But resolutions are just sometimes just words, resolutions don’t have heart, resolutions don’t have that deep energy of setting of firm, do-able, accountable goals.

If we said a resolution we might just speak it out to our friends to ourselves. And we might take a few stabs at making it come true .

But if we set a goal, if we write it down, if we break it down into small bites do-able steps, if we look at this plan and that’s what it has become now … A plan, not just a resolution or a dream… If we look at this plan every day and tweak it as needed, then we are much more likely to see it come true.

We can break our goals down into lists. What do we want to do overall. What is the first thing that needs to be done no matter how small this task is. Who do we need to help us make this goal reality. How can we make contact with that person, or what do we need … perhaps a course. Perhaps we just need more training before we can get going on our dream.

Then let’s break it down into a do-able time frame . We don’t have to do everything at once. That can become quite overwhelming and we feel like giving up before we even start.

Buy a notebook, or use an app that will help you to organise your thoughts, organise your actions, and just do things little by little. Sometimes we can take big leaps once we get going. But it’s often better to make some kind of start.

Even if we don’t have the whole big plan sorted out in detail, if we have a general idea start there. Start with the first definite, clearly aimed step and go from there.

I like to think of making goals, not resolutions. It’s funny how when you are as clear as you can be on a vision or dream, a goal, it’s funny how help seems to come to you.

You might read a book, you might mention a bit of your plan to a friend who knows someone who knows someone, or just comes up with a good idea that you’ve not thought of. But do be careful of who you share this dream with, that you are pretty confident that they are behind you not possibly against you.

Finding like minded people to support each other is really good as well for turning resolutions into goals. Because they’ll look after you and support you and question you and kind of help you stay on the right track, and you’ll do the same for them.

If you have to go it alone there are a lot of supportive helpful groups on the internet. Positive people who are dedicated to helping each other. And if you happen to find the group is not compatible to your interests, to your being, to your energy … leave and find another.

So this year 2018 let’s give goal setting and achieving a try.  Get a nice journal or find a favourite notebook or diary app keep track of your progress and make that dream come true.

So let’s share. Have you set goals for 2018? Or perhaps you already have an existing goal and you just want to progress further along that road. What kind of things are you doing to help yourself stay on track? Do you have any tips that you can share with the rest of us ?

Here’s the podcast version of this blog, which includes an affirmation! 😊

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Happy Thoughts – Wisdom Bits – Ganesha Mudra

Here’s our wisdom bit – a bite sized chunk of knowledge – for today! 

Sri Ganesha is the conqueror of obstacles. This Mudra is said to be good for opening the heart #chakra, and for boosting confidence, as well as releasing tension. It’s good to do it once a day.

The left hand should be held in front of the chest with the palm facing outward. Bend the fingers and grab the left hand with the right hand with the palm facing inward. 

Why not give it a try! 😊

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Happy Thoughts – Visiting Stone Circles in Devon

This week I visited not one, but two most interesting Bronze Age stone circles, whilst walking in Dartmoor National Park in Devon (England). 

The first stone circle which we visited was one that we’d been to before – the Fernworthy Stone Circle in the Fernworthy forest. It’s a very magical place. You might expect the fairy folk and forest creatures to come out at night & in the early morning to dance & sing! ☺️

Technically speaking 

“Fernworthy, or Froggymead as it is sometimes known, is a Bronze Age circle of 27 granite slabs and blocks that stand in a clearing on a plateau of land within a Forestry Commission plantation about half a mile west of Fernworthy reservoir. A pair of tiny stones mark a southern entrance and are flanked by larger stones (the tallest being about 1.1 metres in height) that decrease in size as they curve round to the north forming a ring of about 20 metres in diameter that is slightly flattened to the east and west. The circle was excavated by the Dartmoor Exploration Committee in 1897.”

Here is a very short video of the magical Fernworthy stone circle:


The other site which we walked to was the Grey Withers Dual Stone Circle. 

This portion of the walk was more challenging as we walked against the wind over marshy and uneven terrain. I was very happy that hubs found a large tree branch which made an excellent walking staff for myself.

We made it there after a couple of hours & it was indeed a special sight! We made a short prayer of gratitude to the spiritual energies of the circles. To see two large stone circles, next to each other, but separate, was truly amazing. 

Here is the technical bit. 

“This magnificent double stone circle is located at the foot of Sittaford Tor on a bridge of land between a pair of valleys formed by tributaries of the North Teign River to the north and the East Dart River to the south. Standing 4.5 metres apart, the northern circle consists of 20 upright granite slabs forming a circle of about 32 metres in diameter while the southern circle has 29 stones and is slightly larger at 33 metres. A survey of the site in 1879 gave their diameters as 31.6 metres (north) and 35.5 metres (south), this difference being could accounted for by the fact that the circles were restored in 1909. Between these two dates the circles were excavated by the Dartmoor Exploration Committee who reported a thick layer of charcoal covering the interior area in a similar fashion to Fernworthy Circle which stands just over a mile to the north. 

The question as to why there are two circles here remains unanswered.”

This information was sourced from stone circles dot org dot uk. 

Here’s a short video which I made. It’s a bit noisy because of the wind! 

Coming back the heavens opened and we got soaking wet. So if you go there, be prepared for possible swift changes in the weather up in the moors! 

😄 Quite the adventure it was!

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Happy Thoughts – Christmas Day In The Morning

We’re back again with the third part of our Christmas trilogy of blogs.


This time we have a sweet story of love..discovering it within and then passing it on.

A young boy discovers love for his father and learns for the first time what it really means.

It’s called “Christmas Day in the Morning” by Pearl S Buck. It was originally published in 1955.

Settle in and have a listen to a touching, short Christmas tale!


Here’s the YouTube version of the podcast.

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Happy Thoughts – Christmas Legends & Festivities


Ho ho ho! Today’s blog is actually a podcast!

It’s full of goodness and information on the origins of various Christmas/holiday legends, lore and traditions.

Where did they come from…why do we do it? I did a little research to answer some of those very questions.

We talk about the candy cane, mistletoe, holly, poinsettia, and the Christmas tree.

Here’s the podcast! Have a listen.

🎅 Happy Holidays! 🎄

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Happy Thoughts- Give the Greatest Gift


Well it’s almost Christmas . And we can hear so many messages on the radio, on the telly, that to show our love for someone we must buy them the most magnificent Christmas present in the whole world . Should we not succeed in buying this particular most magnificent present, then perhaps we don’t love that person quite as much as we think we do .

Sometimes it’s good to have our own mind. To have our own feeling. To have our own interpretation of how we express our feelings of appreciation and value and love for the people in our lives .

Let’s take care not to get swept up in media madness.

Love or affection, or appreciation for others is not measured by how much we spend , how big the present is is, how prestigious the brand name of the item is.

It is wonderful to receive luxurious gifts, it is wonderful to give luxurious gifts. But because we want to, not because we are told this is the only way to demonstrate our feeling.

If we cannot afford a costly gift we can make something, we can do a favour for a friend or loved one that we know they would appreciate. If we know that there is some object that they might be saving for or would wish to have, we can perhaps give them something towards buying that object .

Buying a gift for someone is such a personal, individual thing that we just have to take care not to take the media’s interpretation of Christmas as our own. Don’t feel obligated to buy the latest thing that the media says “this is it, you gotta get  it if you really care.”

The holidays to me are about sharing mind, body and spirit. Give with love, give with enthusiasm, give with sensitivity towards the recipient , and whatever you have to give will be enough. Set your own standard.

You are marvelous. You are giving from the heart. Only you know best how to show your appreciation, how to share your love for those important people in your life.

And that’s good enough!

How do you stay positive, giving & on top of things during the holiday season? 🎄Let’s share!

Here’s the YouTube podcast version of today’s blog:

Give the Greatest Gift

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Happy Thoughts-Happy 1st of December

We’ve got an oracle card reading for 01 December!

It’s quite likely that we’ll find this a busy month, so I meditated on being guided to select cards that would help us keep in balance over the month whilst keeping our energy high.

Below are pics of the cards that I was guided to select & a very brief explanation.


Wisdom of the Oracle & The Crystal Wisdom Oracle decks





Breathe – Let’s take time for patience, pausing to assess the situation
To the Sea – be in the flow, let trust & faith guide us in any holiday decisions & situations!
Trigonic Quartz-Remain honest and open to achieve success. Communicate!
Soulmate– isn’t it great that this word came up with both decks? Yes it could be romantic, but I would extend it to good relations, friendship & a community spirit with other relationships in our lives as well.
Blessed- Something wonderful is on its way to us. Know that whatever form it takes, we are more than deserving. So enjoy it!:)
Time for a Nap– Do we need to explain this one!? 😄 Let’s try not to get too stressed over the hols. Take breaks. Rejuvenate & renew our energy so we don’t get burned out over the holiday season.


Goldstone, Clear Quartz, Labradorite

Well that’s it for today. I’ll do a few more for us throughout December!🎄

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