Happy Thoughts – Oracle Card for the Day


Today we’ve got a lovely and lively card reading with our dragon guides, and my Iolite Amethyst pendulum.

These are the two cards that I was guided to select for us.

It’s all about Love & personal power. You are strong, and you are blessed!
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Here’s the video for a brief look at our cards:

Have a great week! 😄

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Happy Thoughts – Share the Misery – NOT!



Today let’s talk about Misery. Or rather let’s talk about getting out of the miserable vibe that may have us in its boney clasp, and move into a more positive space. We may all have a dark side, but let’s acknowledge it and move on…it can be done… we can be happy! Let’s explore this!

Share the Misery…misery loves company… laugh and the world laughs with you,  weep and you weep alone.

It’s not a very positive thing, but isn’t it amazing that sometimes when you feel bad, you might want everybody else to feel bad to?  So you start grumbling, you wear a long face, you give everybody dirty looks.

What good does that do? It’s great to share your feelings, but sometimes its best to just keep them to yourself.

If you have a friend or someone that you can talk over your situation with then that’s good.  It’s a way to let go of the negative feelings.  That’s the positive way of sharing your misery.

I’m not talking about feeling sad. But at other times we just have a negative dark aura energy about us.  We  all have a dark side and sometimes that dark side just wants to take over.

And you know we get more of what we put out, so that just starts the downward sad cycle,  and the one who suffers is us, not our target.

However  sometimes our target is ourselves. We get engaged in a pity party and we just can’t seem to stop attacking and putting ourselves down.

How in the heck do we get out of it. How do we pull ourselves out of the muck and mire?

Awareness!  Awareness is the key.  We have to stop, we have to thank those negative feelings, and tell ourselves it is time to move on.

Then  do something physical to break the spell.  Take a walk.  Listen to the radio or a podcast, read a book.  Just do something  to change your mind, to change your energy, to change your aura.

Even breathing… taking some deep breaths.

Then come into awareness of your situation. Try to distance yourself from your feelings.  Ask yourself what is wrong  with the situation and how can I change it now.  Even if you can only make a small action, what is that action which you can do to change your energy and lift yourself.

If the cause is some someone else, how can you be at peace with the situation.

How can you make a plan to maintain your equilibrium at this point in time even if you have to make a change at some point in the future.

Misery hurts. It hurts the people that you direct it at and it hurts yourself, your health, your mind, your body, your energy.

You’ve got to break free, and you’ve got to do it as soon as you become aware that you are in that cycle.

I’ve been there and it doesn’t feel good at all.  But as soon as I can, I bring my conscious mind to an awareness of what is going on and thus   I can change it and lift my mind and energy.

Let’s share! How do you get yourself out of a funky mood and not spread it around.

If you’d like to hear the podcast, which also includes an affirmation, you can listen to it here:


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Happy Thoughts-Oracle Card for the Day


Here is today’s card for you selected with love & the aid of my Chakra pendant.

Go the Distance…endurance, strength, the long haul. Be brave, be wise, hang in there! It may take some time, but you can do it. 🙂

Here’s a video of the mini reading:

Next up…a motivational blog post.

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Happy Thoughts-Wisdom Bits!

Just a tiny happy thought for today for us. I came across this nugget in my reading this morning.

We are all entrepreneurs, whether we work for ourselves, or someone else.

I am in charge of me! You are in charge of you! 😄


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Happy Thoughts – Update


Today’s a very special happy day. It’s International Podcast Day.

Nowadays we have so many choices in the field of podcasting – whatever your interest it, you can very likely find a podcast which will provide fun listening.

  😄My speciality in podcasting is the power of positive words. “Happy Thoughts.  🎧 The goal is to spread good vibes of Encouragement, motivation & entertainment…


You can find it on Spreaker, Happy Thoughts and here on  itunes:
Stefania Lintonbon – Happy Thoughts

Happy listening! 😄

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Happy Thoughts – Oracle Card of the Day


Here’s a Spirit Animal card for us today! Let’s train ourselves to worry & fret a bit less…and play a bit more!

Be careful of thinking & doing too much, so that you become disconnected from your feelings.

The best way to integrate your intellect, emotions and actions is through play.

When we learn how to play a bit more, I believe we can become relaxed, opened & the healing energy, ideas & answers to  our questions, flow more easily.

Plus we have more fun!

It’s certainly something I’m going to try. How about you?

Feel free to leave comment on your thoughts about stress vs play & lifting our minds, hearts & energies! 🙂

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Happy Thoughts – Wake Up Determined!


Wake up with determination go to bed with satisfaction.

What does that mean? I think it means basically to wake up with a plan, to wake up with intention. To wake up with gratitude for the new day.Even to wake up being grateful that you woke up.

Following that, to be mindful the of intention that you’re going to use that day in the best way possible.

This could mean that you are working on your business and you have some
goals you want to achieve for the day.

Possibly it means that today is the day that you have devoted to relaxation and winding down.

Whatever, I think it means don’t just go floating around having no idea of what you want to do for the day… spending time just wasting time.

You know what happens next! We wonder where did the day go. We didn’t do anything on our to do list …we did nothing.

Of course,  there are days when it is that our intention to do nothing and just relax and float about.

But there are other days when we get distracted by social media, the telly and so on and before we know it the day is gone and we’ve not  accomplished anything that we planned to.

Conversely, I believe that if we wake up with gratitude,some kind of plan for the day …when the evening comes we can feel satisfied.


It’s all about intent and visualising our day then exercising the discipline  to do what we say we’re going to do. To honour our promise to ourselves.

What do you think? How do you set up yourself for the new day? Let’s share! Add a comment or visit us on facebook.

So wake up with determination, go to sleep with satisfaction.

 OR wake up all wishywashy;  go to bed wondering  what the heck happened today where did the day go! 

If that’s you – and I confess I’ve been guilty of this – let’s just remember that  all is still well, and tomorrow’s another day.

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