Happy Thoughts – A visit to Glastonbury’s Chalice Well

It’s nice to end the year in a positive space. In this case that meant a visit to (England’s) Glastonbury and Chalice Well and Gardens.

Hug A Tree!

It’s said that the Well is among the best known and most loved holy wells in Britain.
It’s really lovely and peaceful. There are lots of nooks and crannies where you can sit quietly and meditate in peaceful silence.

Sit and chill

If you go to the Lions Head Drinking Fountain you can fill up your bottle with the special water . This is the only place in the garden water is safe to drink. It comes from the spring and is tested for quality and safety so we can indulge in drinking the cleansing healing water, and taking some away with us.

The Lion’s Head

Another lovely thing to do is to walk in the healing pool. It’s been there since the middle of the 18th century. And you can see that the water contains iron. Be warned that it’s a bit cold but you get used to it. It’s very stimulating!

Leading to the Healing Pool

Cold but stimulating!

There is also the Well Head you can sit quietly and absorb the energy. It has a Vesica Pisces design with a Lance passing through it. This is an ancient sacred symbol of two interlocking circles and it symbolises a union of heaven and earth, or spirit and matter.

Well Head

Vesica Pool

All photos copyright 2018 S Lintonbon

They’ve got a really lovely gift shop as well.
If you’re in Glastonbury the Chalice Well is a good place to quiet yourself, catch your breath, and just enjoy a bit of peaceful mindfulness before head back into town for some groovy shopping experiences!
All is well in Glasto.

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Happy Thoughts – Happy Holidays

I hope your holiday season is off to a good start. If it’s getting too frantic, just step back and take a break! 😊🎄

Here’s a little something to help you chill. It’s an audio reading by myself of “The Elves and the Shoemaker” by The Brothers Grimm.

This a Christmas story from my Positive Affirmations And Audio Stories podcast. It’s for children and all ages. It’s about a shoemaker and some very helpful Elves.
Watch out for the singsong! ☺️

Merry Christmas

and Happy Holidays!

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Happy Thoughts – Be In the Now!

The secret of change is to Focus all of your energy not on fighting the old but on building the new. Socrates
Recently I have had some health challenges that prevented me from keeping up with you on this happy thoughts blog.
It made me feel quite depressed, mostly unhappy. Because the many  things that I could do before I became unwell, that I couldn’t do.
Then I got a change in my thyroid medicine and some other issues were addressed as well.
As my mood increased I began to understand that I needed to focus not on what I used to be able to do,  but what I could do now.
open arms
And that’s the way it goes sometimes. Sometimes having a happy thought means not just been uber positive,  but letting oneself go through the tunnel of Darkness; and ones natural Instinct for optimism and survival will eventually see you through.
As Socrates said focus on the now. Don’t fight what you can’t do that you used to do. Take those baby steps if you need to get back into good health mentally, spiritually and physically.
Bit by bit you will eventually get better. Be grateful for whatever you have at any point in time. There is always something to be grateful for. And then put in the effort, as you are able, to bring yourself back into balance, and once again enjoying life. Take those baby steps if you need to. Exercise to the extent that you can. Read and listen to positive material as soon as you are able.
Progress doesn’t have to be made in leaps and bounds. Have supportive people around you as you come back to your self.
Have you ever felt like you were in a dark place? And you really regret not functioning as you did in your old life?  How did you resolve that? If we can move on – one step forward two steps backwards sometimes, with patience and gratitude  you can climb that hill & be here now with joy and enthusiasm.
And that’s it for today.
Here’s an audio version of the podcast on this subject!
Be here now_27-12-18
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Happy Thoughts – An Oracle Card reading for us for 20 November 🙋🏽

I asked the Universe “What’s the energy coming towards us tomorrow (20 Nov)” & card 2, “How can we work with it”.

This reading is done with one of my favourite decks “Angel Prayers Oracle cards” by Kyle Gray.

Card 1 was Transformation with Angel Zadkiel. Past challenges don’t have to hold us back. We can learn from them, improve our skills, and move on. Angel Zadkiel is helping us to grow positively.

Card 2 is The Divine Father. He (she) is with us helping us to create our best life. So relax, and listen to our inner voice/intuition on right actions to take. We definitely have to DO something, change doesn’t happen by itself.😊

It’s all good! Bless


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Happy Thoughts – Update

Hello friends, I’ve been a bit unwell and my energy was low… thus the lack of posts.

I’ll be back on top of things soon & will have lots to share. 😊

Keep positive, keep looking ahead, and keep making that progress… bit by bit!

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Happy Thoughts – Travel Update

We recently returned from Japan and then I’ve been a bit under the weather.

Feeling a bit better now so look forward to some posts about our journey to Tokyo, Osaka & throughout Hokkaido.

Here are a few photos to get started! ☺️

Kitahama Station in Japan is a very well known station on Hokkaido. The Sea of Okhotsk lies across from the station on the other side of the tracks. This is very northernly Japan… next stop Russia. This station boasts an excellent café with dishes brimming with the gifts of the sea.
Many celebrities have left their business cards to adorn the station’s walls. Now there’s one more… mine!
Coming soon… the entertaining video version. 😎

That’s all for now!

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Happy Thoughts – Thoughts Are Things

Mandala designed by Stefania “Thoughts”

Today we’ve got a ‘Wisdom Bit’ or mini blog.

The idea came to me as I was designing and colouring this Mandala (using an app on my phone).


Thoughts are things. Every thought is important because it brings more of that energy into your life. So it would be a good idea true start censoring our thoughts and not let them run away with us. We want strong vibrant energy in our lives, so let’s pay careful attention the words we speak. And be mindful of the words that come our way from the media and other people. We have a choice to accept these words as truth or let it go.

Notice how mandala that I coloured is tangled moving outwardly, but calm in the centre. Let’s stay calm in the centre of our own minds, amidst all the turmoil that can be going on outside!

What do you think? Do you have your own techniques that you’ve come up with to protect your unique sacred energy and mind power? Let’s have a little sharing time. 😊

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