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I was so excited to receive these two emails from Insight Timer where I am a teacher❣🙋🏽‍♀️



Have a Merry and safe Christmas everyone

P.S. You can find me on InsightTimer– Stefania Lintonbon – (affirmations, meditations,short talks and stories for children and some for all ages❣
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Coping With Loneliness-6 Steps Towards Better Health

Today let’s talk about loneliness – the feeling of being alone whether you’re in a crowd or whether you’re just by yourself.

It’s quite common, especially now with the lockdown, then social isolation, and social distancing rules. It’s easy to fall into it.

There’s a difference between alone and being lonely. If you’re alone you’re fairly content with your own company. But if you’re lonely you feel like something is missing. You may feel isolated in yourself.

You may feel sad but you don’t know why. You life might be, to all appearances, going splendidly, but in your heart you feel like something’s missing and you don’t know how to find it.

Sometimes we might try to fill that hole in many ways. Some of those could show up as symptoms like sadness or boredom apathy, or an unidentified feeling of anxiousness or too much sleeping.

Or on the other hand – being over excited — which could look like too much shopping or drinking and so on, to fill up the emptiness.

Sometimes the feeling of loneliness can turn us against our own selves. We think that we’re not good enough. We make up imaginary flaws and faults, or exaggerate incidents from our past or current life that could be the cause of our loneliness.

So we’ve got to get ourselves out of this mess. Extreme loneliness is not healthy for us mentally, spiritually, physically and emotionally.

Whitstable, England

Here are a few ideas that came to me to alleviate these kind of feelings which drag your spirit down.

But the first major thing I must say is, if you are really feeling so lonely that you almost feel sick, it might be best to seek help from a trained professional who can talk with you and help you work through your feelings.

But if the feeling of loneliness is something that comes and goes, there might be a few self-directed things that you can do.

Here are 6 handy tips for trying to overcome loneliness and coping with it.

One is to visit the seaside. Yes you might still be alone but there are most likely people about.
But the main point is that you can sense the openness and expansiveness of the sea.
And you know that you are one with that sea. You are one with all that surrounds you and basically you may be alone but virtually you are one with the sea, with the sky, with plants, with nature. You’re not alone.

Being out in the open air can help us clear our minds and feel better.

I think we could experience the same feeling of belonging by going to the park or some nature area. And just walking and experiencing the beauty of the trees and the changing of the Seasons, and the feel of the air on our face. This kind of activity gets us out of ourselves because we’re experiencing the atmosphere around us, and this can lift or spirits and make us feel quite good.

What else can we do ? We can ask ourselves why do we feel lonely. We can grab a paper and pen or use an electronic device and write out why do we feel lonely. What will it take to make us feel not so lonely.

Is it because we want companionship?

Is it because we think our peers are doing way better than we are, so we feel like we have fallen behind and we just feel lonely because we think we’re the only ones in that situation?

Once you’ve identified it as best you can, try to come up with what is the opposite action that will make us feel fulfilled and lifted and then do and work towards that action to the best of our abilities.

Just taking a constructive action could lift our spirits, take us out of ourselves, and into the energy, into the positive Energy, of what it is that we really want in order to feel better about ourselves.

Another thing that we could do to alleviate the feeling of loneliness is get into social media in a positive way. And look for and find people & groups with like interests. And don’t be just a lurker, but get involved in the discussions. And find those groups that keep things positive and uplifting, so that it’s fun to join in.

The 5th suggestion is to take online courses.

Right now it’s a bit difficult to go to an actual course in person because of the current social distancing situation but online study can be fun and useful as well.

You learn something new and your mind shifts again, away from the feeling of ‘only me’, as you get into the thing that you are studying & the new things that you are learning, & the challenge of learning it well.

It’s like you are distracting yourself in a fun way and learning something in the bargain. And if it’s a course that has discussion groups that accompany the lessons, that can be a way to meet new people as well.

And the last idea. number 6…
There are also Meet Up groups that you can join. Meet Up is an app and a website where there are various groups that cover many different interests. Groups for socialising, groups for learning new things, groups for discussing business, learning languages, health, spirituality
… all kinds of groups.

If you get involved in a Meetup Group, that’s another way to get out – digitally at this point in time – and meet other people and exchange ideas and expand your horizons, and have a bit of fun.

I hope these few ideas can at least get you started on the journey out a lonely existence. I’ve been there in the past, it’s not good to hang around there too long.

Do you have any tips on how you shake off that feeling of emptiness or lonlines?

Or maybe you embrace it. Let’s share. Feel free to leave a comment on how you deal with loneliness.

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5 ways to improve your business blogging

This is a very useful article. Tips applicable to any enterprise!


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Starting a company blog is one way to make the most of your content marketing. Your blog becomes the hub for news updates, opinion pieces and customer case studies, giving your audience a regular channel to follow, consume and comment on.

But how do you make sure your blog writing is engaging your audience? And how do you create blog posts that will add real value for your customers?

Here are 5 key tips for improving your business blogging

1. Blog about something you have a passion for

This may seem obvious, but if you’re going to write a series of blog posts around a particular theme, it really HAS to be something you have some genuine interest in and passion for.

If you’re running your own business, then you’re already going to have a passionate belief in what you do (at least I hope so!). But try to refine…

View original post 782 more words

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Motivational Artwork – Shine!

I enjoy doing digital artwork (colouring), especially if it is motivational or inspirational. I’ll start sharing some of it here as an alternative sometimes to writing and videos. Here’s the first one!

Let your talents flow!
‘Pigment’ artwork,coloring by myself.

Choose to shine…you have a special energy and a talent that is uniquely your own. You don’t have to hide or be shy… let the world see it…share and bless others with your unique talents and gifts. 🙂❣

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The Power of Persistence

The rain fell continuously. Not hard, but it was there throughout.

But there was a lesson there for me as a viewer watching on tv.

The women’s elite race was amazing. Lesson learned from watching it…never give up! Even when it looks like it’s ‘done and dusted’
just keep going. 🏃🏻‍♀️☔🙂

And hooray to all of the virtual runners too. Congratulations!

Let’s use this lesson as we go about pursuing our dreams and goals. Have faith, do the work, and just keep going. What goals are you working on and how can persistence help you win the day!🙂☔🌻

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Find Your Inner Child 🌞

I went to a rooftop garden recently in London. It was my first time to get back on the trains since lockdown in March.

The rooftop garden was very beautiful. There were trees and plants from everywhere. Then I saw the hopscotch diagram and my inner child could not resist how are you having a go. You can see it in the video.

Have you ever had the urge to do something that you used to do as a child just for fun?

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Goodbye to the Blues – Hello Gratitude!

Goodbye to the Blues – Hello Gratitude!

Once in a while it might feel good or like a bit of relief to have a good moan or a good complaining session.

But I believe I believe it’s really something that we should do and be done with it, and move on. The problem starts when one complains about one thing and that complaint lead to another issue which in turn can lead to to a whole series of complaints – of seeing the downside, the dark side, the negative side, the draining side of an incident.

What we complain about frequently we can often bring about. Conversely when we we speak positively about, or look for the light in a situation this often can bring about more of that same good or better.

Our words are like magic. They are like magical magnets that attract to us what we put out.

So perhaps the best approach is the way of gratitude. What can we be grateful for in this situation? How has the situation brought light or knowledge into our lives? Gratitude brings more good things to be grateful for because it makes us feel good. That’s perhaps, what we all want anyway. It takes just as much energy to look for things to be grateful for as to look for things to complain about.

So whatever our situation, let’s try to find at least three things every day that we can be thankful for. Maybe write it in a notebook, or keep a record on your phone via an app. Then at the end of the week you can have a little review of your journal entries.

You can do it it. Why not give it a try!

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Where Energy Flows…

A little bit of a calm space, a small wisdom bit blog for today’s musings.

The power of the mind is really incredible! Where our focus goes, energy flows. So we must watch and take care with our thoughts and words! 😃

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About Keeping Well & A Full Moon Card for You..

Well I just noticed that it has been eons since I last posted a blog. Apologies!

How is your health? Have you been keeping well? Have you been taking care of yourself ?

It’s so important to watch our good health during these times that we are going through right now. It’s so easy to let the tension just kind of creep in to our minds, and our spirits, and our bodies. So much news, all the adverts on TV are becoming much alike with the same virus-oriented messages & themes – even just to sell a mattress for instance! – we can become so easily influenced, and unconsciously this is happening. And we wonder why we feel tired, and a bit down.

Be sure to get a bit of exercise every day and try to to connect with people virtually if you feel the need to communicate with somebody. Turn off the news once in a while, you don’t have to hear everything every hour on the hour. Take care of yourself and somehow, some way, try to find a bit of joy in every day day. And look for things to be grateful for. There is still always something to be grateful for.

So… last night was a full moon, the flower moon and so I pulled a card for us and here it is. We are blessed, truly. Stay well!

Full moon blessings to you!
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Ten ideas to survive social distancing, lockdown & isolation

Here we are in lockdown,social distanced,and/or self isolated… what are we going to do with ourselves so we don’t go crazy with anxiety or with boredom, here are…

Ten ideas to survive social distancing/ self isolation/an overabundance of me time!


Sleep… no you don’t have to put yourself into a deep sleep like Snow White, but getting enough sleep is important, you need to be at your best energy to keep an even mood.
It’s easy to fluctuate up and down between happy, I don’t care, and sad when you’re totally fatigued from lack of sleep and have no energy. But getting a good night’s sleep or even taking a short nap during the day can raise your energy level and an enable you to deal more positively with the current health situation and it’s effect on your daily lifestyle.


If you’re feeling tense and wound up just breathe. Breathe in for 4 hold and then breathe out for 4. Try this a number of times until you feel a bit better.
Another method of breathing is called alternate nostril breathing.
To do this:
Lift your right hand up toward your nose.

Exhale completely and then use your right thumb to close your right nostril.

Inhale through your left nostril and then close the left nostril with your fingers.

Open the right nostril and exhale through this side.

Inhale through the right nostril and then close this nostril.

Open the left nostril and exhale through the left side.

This is one cycle.

Continue for up to 5 minutes. But a shorter period of time is good too. Take care not to become lightheaded.

Always complete the practice by finishing with an exhale on the left side.


There are many beginner yoga apps which we can put on our phone and devices or we can look at YouTube lessons. Yoga is very good because it slows us way down, which will help to release any anxieties.
Because you can’t have an anxious mind that’s running a muck while at the same time doing a slow considered yoga session. And there are very many beginner poses which most people can do do so don’t worry if you’re not the bendy type.


Lose yourself in the peaceful world of colouring

Now there are so many apps that we can use on our phones or tablets for for colouring. We can make it a meditative experience by colouring mandalas and spiritual things or we can do it just for fun colouring nature scenes animals anime.

When you start colouring you get so much into the experience that you can think of nothing else but what colour next to put in your design.

If you’re not good at using colours there are some apps in which the colours are numbered so you just popped them in.

But the important point is this is an activity that takes your entire attention and it can be very relaxing and fun and you end up with a little mini masterpiece.


Learn new stuff

Now is a good time to learn a new skill for fun, or for future employment, or if you want to own your own business at some time in the future. Start preparing for it now.

You can find many “how to” videos on YouTube and study that way, or there are many online courses with which you can study such as Udemy or the Centre for Excellence, or there’s probably some more that I don’t even know about. Or, you can teach yourself a language with Duolingo which is free, or there’s some more free apps for learning languages . And plus it keeps you from getting bored because you’re stimulating your mind.


Now’s a good time getting around to reading all those books that you’ve been meaning to read. Or maybe you’re like me and you’ve got quite a collection of books on your Kindle that you haven’t even started or that you have started but haven’t finished. This is your time for virtually uninterrupted reading sessions. And it’s a good time to read some inspirational books as well to keep your mind and in a positive vein.


Exercise. Get those endorphins released and flowing. Endorphin release generally happens when you activate your natural reward system with activities like exercising.

When released, endorphins can help relieve pain, reduce stress and may cause a euphoric feeling.
So do something to keep moving and help keep everything working properly.

It’s easy during this time to just do a lot of sitting around and our gyms might be closed but there are plenty of apps and YouTube videos that we can join in with and get the sweat on.

Taking walks around your neighborhood is good as well, you get a bit of sun and most importantly, some fresh air. Those can lift our mood as well.


Connect. Reach out to friends and to your colleagues. Find groups with common interests and communicate.
You can communicate via Facebook other social media, via zoom,via FaceTime, via email, or Skype or apps such as House Party or Whats App.

You don’t have to be alone.

Sometimes when we are alone, that’s when the fear thoughts or the negative thoughts or the uncomfortable thoughts can just run wild. But if you can get them out and talk to somebody about them you can possibly feel a lot better.

And interacting with others just makes us feel part of the community.

We might be socially isolated but we can still reach out and communicate electronically.


Practice gratitude
No matter how bad things may seem, there is always always something to be grateful for.
For one thing you’re alive, … you’ve got a roof over your head, …you’ve got food in your house -some people have more food in their house than others – but you’ve got some food in your house. There’s always something good. If you’re feeling down try to think of things that you’re grateful. Write them down or record yourself saying them.


Eat well and take care of yourself.
Try to eat nourishing meals and not snacks and sweets all during this trying time.
Try to come with some interesting recipes using whatever food you’ve got on hand. And take your vitamins as well, to hopefully keep your immune system and energy levels in balance. Just in whatever way works for you, take care of your health as best you can. A strong body can help us keep a strong mind.

So give these ideas a try. If you’ve come up with other ideas that you’d like to share free to leave a note in the comments!


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A coffee (ko-fi) donation would be awesome and much appreciated! 🤗

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