Happy Thoughts – It’s ok to be unhappy! 

Snowdrops signal that spring is not far behind, no matter how dark and cold it is now!

Happy or not so happy…you’re still ok!

It’s ok to be unhappy.

Sometimes being unhappy can signal that changes need to be made. We may have been travelling a certain path and it’s not working out.

So maybe it’s time to have a think and come up with a new action plan.

We can try to hang  on in the situation while the New Plan works itself out, or we figure it out.

And then, you can find out that many times just the knowledge that we are doing something about our situation can lift our mind.

Sometimes we are unhappy because we are disappointed in ourselves or our efforts or our progress thus far.

I think there is no use in trying to put on a happy face. It’s ok to feel sad, even to cry, but if it’s a true desire we’ve got to come back and carry on.

Try to look at where we went wrong and try to set off on the right path. That’s where having a really strong  “why” reason for the journey, can help us. Also, helpful is having a community, or a group of friends, because we are often our hardest critic.

  So sometimes we need someone from the outside to tell us it’s not so bad…  or,  they may have an idea how we can pick ourselves up and move onwards and upwards.

When we are unhappy it’s hard to motivate ourselves to help ourselves. So sometimes it’s good just to spend a bit of time feeling sad – being in the moment –  and  then move on.

We can pick up a book that inspired us, listen to a podcast or something that lifts our spirits, or go outside get some air… Just do something – take some action to lift our mood.

How about you? let’s help each other.

How do you lift your mood when you’re feeling down?  Sometimes it’s hard. It takes effort. What do you do?

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Here’s the podcast version of this blog!  

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Happy Thoughts – Pick 1 of 3, an Oracle card reading for you! 

Today is the day to trust your intuition as you select one card from the three cards – from three different decks – that are pulled and left face down . I’ll then give you a reading for each of the three cards.

Here’s your video to watch & make your selection! ☺️

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Happy Thoughts – The A-Z of Positive Thinking – Part 2

Hello and Welcome!

Happy Valentine’s Day! (almost! ❤️ )

We’re back with Part 2 of the A-Z of Positive thinking. We’re covering N-Z this time. If you missed part 1, you can find it here: Part 1


A mandala which I created.

So, continuing on… 😊

N- n is for negotiable. 

Negotiate. Sometimes we have to compromise on the terms of our goal or the means of achieving a goal. If we are working with others it’s sometimes a bit of give and take,  and then everyone ends up a winner.

O- O is for open. 

Keep an open mind. There’s more than one way to achieve a task. It’s good to have our plan, to know what we intend to do, and how, but try to keep an open mind. One of your advisors might have a better way to do something. Or you might come across something that gives you a better idea. Keep an open mind … be open to innovation and change.

P-P is for purpose. 

Have a purpose for what you are doing. What do you hope this will bring to you as a person as an Entrepreneur, or a business person, and what will it contribute to others. What is your purpose in this role that you have chosen for yourself. Be clear on that point so that you can steer in the right direction.

Q- Q is for quality.

Do things to the best of your ability. Try not to cut corners. Try not to go for “good enough”. Do your best, be known for presenting, for representing a quality product. Be a person of your word. Be known as a quality person.

R- R is for ready.

When opportunity knocks be ready. Be prepared. Have the training that prepares you to know your business.  So if someone asks you about your work,  you are clear and you can tell them.  If someone gives you an opportunity to do something you’ve always wanted to do,  be ready. Have that training, that preparedness,  that will help you be ready to swing into action at any point in time. Sometimes we just get a big chance and we’ve got to go for it right then.

S- S is for smile.

Smiling is so easy and it can lift our spirits. It can help others to be more open to us. If we are confident in ourselves and are relaxed, a smile can send out the most wonderful positive vibrations to others. And if we look in the mirror it can make even ourselves feel better. Of course do take care to be in an appropriate situation for smiling… Right Place Right times. 😉

T- T is for thankful.

Be thankful, be grateful for where you are right now. For the people in your life who help you, your friends your family your mentors. Be grateful that you can help others. You do have a skill… you do have a talent. You do have a gift that is useful to others.

U- u is for useful.

You have a purpose, a talent a place on this planet. You are useful. You can help others with your gifts. Be confident. You are important.

V-v is for value.

Value yourself. Value your time. Value your service. Don’t let anybody sell you short. Don’t let anybody under value your worth or  the worth of your product. It’s ok to bargain.  It’s ok to negotiate, but know your bottom line.  Your service is quality, useful,and worth every pence.

W- w is for wisdom. 

When we are working on the specific actions, details of our goals or objectives,  use wisdom.  There are so many places where we can find information nowadays.  We can Google  we can go to the YouTube and find many instructional videos, we can find mentors or people whom we respect their opinion, and ask them if they can help or brainstorm with us for ideas or methods to carry out our project.  Or we can join a mastermind group  where we share our expertise and knowledge to help each other.

X- Xenia.

Xenia is the ancient Greek concept of hospitality,  the generosity and courtesy shown to those who are far from home or associates of a person. We never know who we will meet at any event or at any time who might be helpful to us or whom we might be able to help,or who might know someone who would be good for us to meet. So it’s good to show generosity and courtesy to everyone no matter what their status. Build up a far-reaching network of like minded people.

Y- is for you.

You are special. You are important. You have just the skill that the right audience,  the right people, the right companies, or looking for. You must be confident in yourself so that you have the endurance,  the enthusiasm, and the sense of knowing that you are going to achieve your goal,  that you are going to be helpful to as many people as possible. You are in charge of you. When it comes down to it it’s up to you and your persistence, and your determination.

Z- z is for zeal.

For enthusiasm…for believe in yourself that is unshakable. If one door of opportunity closes, your zeal your vigor will help you to find another one.  Your zeal will pick you up when ordinarily you might have just given up. Your zeal  enthusiasm will attract wonderful things to you and your preparation will make you well equipped to handle them. Your positive zeal will keep a smile on your face and put a smile on most everyone else’s.

So, we can think of many other good qualities worth possessing. What’s on your list?

Let’s share & help each other!

If you’d like to hear the podcast version of the blog, here’s part 1:

And here’s part 2:

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Happy Thoughts – An A-Z of Positive Thinking 

This is a two-part blog. Today we’ll discuss A through M, and we’ll cover N through Z in the next blog post.  

A- attitude

Our attitude determines our aptitude, how how high we can go . If we have a positive attitude we can bounce back more quickly from disappointment and defeat, and give it another go.

B- belief

One way to not achieve a goal is to not believe you can do it… to not believe you are worthy. Achieving a great dream or goal or to do anything requires that we believe we can do it. 

C-considerate caring

It’s good to care about others as we care about ourselves. As we go about our business achieving our goals we don’t have to step on everybody else on the way up . It’s perfectly ok to get what you want while being considerate and helping others get what they want as well.

D- dream 

Think about your goal before you go to sleep and in your mind’s eye see it is being real. If you have a question put the question out before you go to sleep,  and in your dream or when you wake up,  you might have some inspiration  some guidance, a hint, or a full-blown answer to your question.

E- enthusiasm

Be enthusiastic about your goals. It’s easy to enlist the help of others, if you have enthusiasm and high energy, positive energy about your goal. You will find people who want to help you. it will be easier.

F – f is for failure sometimes..

Sometimes we don’t make the goal but we can learn from it. And we can achieve something that is even better than what we had originally intended. Failure doesn’t always mean the end of something. It could just be a blip. Or a change in direction.

G- g is for goals

We have to know where we are going in order to get anywhere. The clearer we are the better.

H- h is for health

It’s a lot easier to have that energy to follow a goal too, to achieve a dream if we have the stamina to go the distance…To do what we have to do to make that dream come true. Mental, spiritual and physical physical good health are important.

I- i is for imagination

Don’t be afraid to think big. As far as you can make a plan to back up that dream but let your mind run freely …think big… let your imagination go free.  You can always pull it back when you get to the action stage.

Use your imagination…stretch your mind to think about going even higher than you think is do-able.

J-j is for joyful

There is a lot of good in the world. If you’re feeling down, that you’re not making the progress you want to  stop take a break and do something that makes you happy. Take a walk,  go have a coffee, and just keep a joyful upbeat attitude as much as you can.

K-k is for keep going

When the going gets tough keep going. We can stop and take a break. We can stop and regroup. But don’t just stop. Keep going try again.

L-l is for life

Life is a blessing. We are blessed to be alive. No matter what is happening. No matter how slowly we seem to be reaching our goal. No matter how bad  the day has gone. We are alive. We have been gifted with another day on the planet. So find something to be grateful for, to be glad to be alive for, and press on.

M-m is for money

It’s not the most important thing in the world it’s true. But it does make our lives a lot more pleasant. In line with that “m” can also stand for multiple streams of income. It’s good to have more than one thing going on so that we don’t have all our financial eggs & hopes in one basket.


This has been part 1 of this topic. We’ll discuss N through Z next week! 

I’ll bet you have some letter ideas too, in addition to the above. Feel free to comment. Let’s share and help each other! 

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Happy Thoughts – Oracle Card reading for today 

Today we’ve got a quick little intuitive Oracle card reading for ourselves. 

“Follow your dreams “are our keywords for today. Dreams can come true to one degree or another if we stay true to it, trust ourselves and make a plan followed by action. You are a miracle! 

Here’s the video:

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Happy Thoughts – 2018 Set Goals, Not Resolutions 

Well here we are 13 days into the new year.

Have you made your resolutions yet?

If not don’t bother! Don’t make resolutions, set goals.

It’s so easy to promise to ourselves I’ll lose weight, I will exercise more, I’ll find a new job, I’ll start my own business. But resolutions are just sometimes just words, resolutions don’t have heart, resolutions don’t have that deep energy of setting of firm, do-able, accountable goals.

If we said a resolution we might just speak it out to our friends to ourselves. And we might take a few stabs at making it come true .

But if we set a goal, if we write it down, if we break it down into small bites do-able steps, if we look at this plan and that’s what it has become now … A plan, not just a resolution or a dream… If we look at this plan every day and tweak it as needed, then we are much more likely to see it come true.

We can break our goals down into lists. What do we want to do overall. What is the first thing that needs to be done no matter how small this task is. Who do we need to help us make this goal reality. How can we make contact with that person, or what do we need … perhaps a course. Perhaps we just need more training before we can get going on our dream.

Then let’s break it down into a do-able time frame . We don’t have to do everything at once. That can become quite overwhelming and we feel like giving up before we even start.

Buy a notebook, or use an app that will help you to organise your thoughts, organise your actions, and just do things little by little. Sometimes we can take big leaps once we get going. But it’s often better to make some kind of start.

Even if we don’t have the whole big plan sorted out in detail, if we have a general idea start there. Start with the first definite, clearly aimed step and go from there.

I like to think of making goals, not resolutions. It’s funny how when you are as clear as you can be on a vision or dream, a goal, it’s funny how help seems to come to you.

You might read a book, you might mention a bit of your plan to a friend who knows someone who knows someone, or just comes up with a good idea that you’ve not thought of. But do be careful of who you share this dream with, that you are pretty confident that they are behind you not possibly against you.

Finding like minded people to support each other is really good as well for turning resolutions into goals. Because they’ll look after you and support you and question you and kind of help you stay on the right track, and you’ll do the same for them.

If you have to go it alone there are a lot of supportive helpful groups on the internet. Positive people who are dedicated to helping each other. And if you happen to find the group is not compatible to your interests, to your being, to your energy … leave and find another.

So this year 2018 let’s give goal setting and achieving a try.  Get a nice journal or find a favourite notebook or diary app keep track of your progress and make that dream come true.

So let’s share. Have you set goals for 2018? Or perhaps you already have an existing goal and you just want to progress further along that road. What kind of things are you doing to help yourself stay on track? Do you have any tips that you can share with the rest of us ?

Here’s the podcast version of this blog, which includes an affirmation! 😊

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Happy Thoughts – Wisdom Bits – Ganesha Mudra

Here’s our wisdom bit – a bite sized chunk of knowledge – for today! 

Sri Ganesha is the conqueror of obstacles. This Mudra is said to be good for opening the heart #chakra, and for boosting confidence, as well as releasing tension. It’s good to do it once a day.

The left hand should be held in front of the chest with the palm facing outward. Bend the fingers and grab the left hand with the right hand with the palm facing inward. 

Why not give it a try! 😊

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