Happy Thoughts – You CAN do it!



Today I was browsing through this lovely little book, 60 Ways to Feel Amazing by Lynda Field, and came across a very enlightening source of inspiration, ‘Just Do It’. Often we want to do things but are a bit afraid. Though, sometimes it might just be not enough determination, discipline or time! Let’s pick a few things, and give it a go. You can do it!

Lynda suggested that we pick three things that we want to do, but haven’t, and examine why we haven’t done it, what do we feel is stopping us, and what would be the best and worst outcome of taking action.

I believe, often when we look deeply and carefully at a situation, it’s not as scary as we think. Maybe we just need to take things in small bites to take the pressure off.

Sometimes maybe we need to find the right “why”. For instance, I’m doing a 30-day exercise challenge. My “why” for continuing? Of course it’s to get and stay fit, but greater than that is I don’t want to stop, because that means I’ll have to start all over again with the challenge from day one! So I must discipline myself.

Maybe you’d like to improve your social life, find a partner, a new job, go on your first solo vacation? Or it could be something tiny like take more time off, but you feel too busy and fear you might miss some golden opportunities if you don’t keep your nose to the grindstone.

Let’s share! How do you challenge yourself to try new things, or pursue goals that you’ve been a bit afraid to go after. Let’s help and encourage each other.

Here is a You Tube video with the podcast that goes with this topic. There is an affirmation included:


All for now! 😌




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Happy Thoughts-Oracle Cards for the Day

Today I felt the impulse to pull some oracle cards to give us some positive intuitive energy & guidance.

Whilst the cards don’t tell us concretely what to do, they can give us some guidance & food for thought! 🙂


I used the “Magical Unicorns” and the “Ganesha” decks.

It’s all about Prosperity & getting up and taking action.

Here’s my YouTube video with the reading:

Happy Weekend! 😁🌺

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Happy Thoughts – “Pass It On”, a poem for you

Greetings and hello!:)

Today we’ve got a lovely poetry reading.


Orkney Isles, Scotland

This is a poem about loving and sending good, positive energy out to others…and to ourselves.

No gesture is too small. A smile, a kind word, holding the door open for someone. Put that good energy out there and it will come back, in one way or another…at some time or another.

And let’s send high fives our way as well. Let’s start our days by saying something good to ourselves as we look in the mirror! 🙂 There’s good inside of us, and we have some good physical points as well. Be grateful & let’s give thanks every day.


Here’s the poem:

             Pass it On
    by Rev. Henry Burton 

Have you had a kindness shown? 
Pass it on 

Twas not given for thee alone. 
Pass it on 

Let it travel down the years,
Let it wipe another’s tears,

Till in heav’n the deed appears— 
Pass it on 

Did you hear the loving word? 
Pass it on 

Like the singing of a bird? 
Pass it on 

Let its music live and grow 
Let it cheer another’s woe, 

You have reaped what others sow— 
Pass it on. 

Twas the sunshine of a smile— 
Pass it on. 

Staying but a little while! 
Pass it on. 

April beam a littte thing. 
Still it wakes the flowers of spring, 

Makes the silent birds to sing— 
Pass it on. 

          The End

And here’s the video podcast of the poem, along with an affirmation:

How do you try to pass a bit of good energy on? I smile a lot, & I try to be helpful to others when the situation warrants it.

Let’s share, help & encourage each other. Feel free to leave a comment, visit us on twitter ( @stefsvoice), or visit our facebook page –


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Happy Thoughts-Crystal Oracle Card Reading ~ Intuition, abundance, spiritual power

Hello again!

Today is a double bubble oracle card reading day.

I was guided to bring out the crystal oracle cards & see what these marvelous, amazing gifts from nature had to say to us. This reading is for me as well as you.


It’s good to be open to guidance & things that encourage us to analyze & think about life, ourselves & those around us. The cards don’t predict or dictate, rather I think they help us to use our intuition to look at situations in a fresh light & see possibilities. We’re in charge, not the cards!

Here’s a video of the reading & explanations for the cards.

Hope these are useful, in some way, to you.

Many blessings! 🌻🎶

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Happy Thoughts- Oracle Cards for the Week

Happy Sunday. 🌻

Today we’ve got an oracle card reading for you.


Here are just a few ideas for us to contemplate and meditate upon.

Just give them a little thought, think about the things that are on your agenda for the week & you might find a little guidance, or new ideas & approaches could come to mind!

Here’s a video of the reading:

Cheers! Be blessed!

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Happy Thoughts- Take A Chance


Full moon in Helsinki, Finland from my hotel room

I spent last week in Joensuu, Finland.


It was lovely & I had an amazing time!


I will do a photo blog soon with more pictures.


But, it occured to me that if I hadn’t followed my instinct & taken a chance, I would have missed this great opportunity to connect with the language, the beauty of nature & the people of Finland that I met during my stay.


Moomins from a famous Finnish book & cartoon series. I bought these critters to put in my recording booth!

I recorded a podcast about this from my hotel room in Jonesuu. There’s an affirmation at the end. Here it is!😄

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Happy Thoughts – Live Your Life, Enjoy Your Life


Today let’s talk about living life as best we can and enjoying life wherever we are,at whatever stage we are in our lives.

I say this because  someone I knew  died last year and I just found out.

She was a lovely lady and a very  brave lady. She’s fought valiantly against her illness.  She was a very health conscious person and help many people to find good health mentally and spiritually – physically too.

I guess this is something for us to take on board.  Life is a blessing. Life is a miracle.

Life is to be enjoyed as best we can. We have responsibilities, things we have to do,
bu we must find and take time to do those things that bring us joy.
We have to take time as much as possible to put aside the things that we feel we have to do, and do what we want to do.

We have to enjoy & appreciate the special people in our lives, and let them know that we do.

We have to enjoy and honour ourselves.

Learn to feel good about ourselves.

It’s good to learn new things, to find something exciting or pleasurable in every day. Even if we may have a job that is as dull as dishwater, find something on your own time that is new,  and that stimulates your mind such as a hobby, reading books, getting out in nature,  or meeting with friends.

We don’t have to be reckless or foolish, or ditch the day job and run off with our backpacks (unless that’s what you want to do), but we’ve got to start living now.

In some way, if it’s big or if it’s small, we’ve got to enjoy today.

We’ve got to love others & take care of others, but also love nuture and take care of ourselves.

It’s up to us  individually. It’s our life which is a gift, it’s a blessing, it’s a miracle.

There is so much to be thankful, grateful for. We woke up this morning and all being well will wake up tomorrow.  😉 Enjoy this precious gift!

Are you going to do that? How are you going to do it? What’s your plan?


Feel free to share your comments and let’s help each other!

If you’d like to hear the podcast, which also includes an affirmation, you can listen to it here:



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