Happy Thoughts-Dreamboards, Vision Boards, Treasure Maps

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Have you ever heard of a dream board?  Some people call them dream boards,  some people call them treasure maps. and some people call them vision boards. 

A dream board is a kind of poster on which you paste pictures of things. It could be physical or electronic. I use my iPad to make dreamboards.

You paste pictures of things that you would like to see in your life – goals, dreams hopes … you can also paste or type words and put those on your dream board. It is a kind of physical demonstration of the things that you are mentally and spiritually desiring to have in your life.

For instance if you want a new job or you are just looking for a job, or if you want to see some changes, some improvements in your business you could put pictures on your dreamboard or words  like ‘success’, ‘paid in full’ ‘abundance’,  ‘many satisfied clients, ‘popular website’  ‘great job interview’, ‘right perfect job’,  ‘right perfect income’ and pictures of people perhaps doing that.

You can cut out pictures of people doing that kind of work you want to do – if you want to work in an office, you might have pictures of people wearing suits doing some kind of business activity. It’s just to spark your mind to give your mind and your heart a clear picture that this is what I desire,  this is what I want to do …this is what I see myself doing now.

The dreamboards or the vision boards are not magic, there’s not a genie’s lamp that you rub and thing appears. The vision board I think,  is something that keeps the desire alive in our hearts and importantly it spurs us to action to think – what can I do to support this board;  what can I do to support the feelings I get when I look at my board. The dream board is a call to action.

I can look at my board and it strengthens my will, it strengthens my desire,  and of the next natural thing to come to my mind is how, what do I do now.

The Universe will send helpful people, helpful situation, helpful aids like books or a radio program; but we still have to do our own actions – get out and meet people, market ourselves, get proper training, things like that.

When we make our vision border it’s good to look at it several times a day. In the morning for sure & the evening maybe.

 I make them on my iPad, then I transfer them to my dropbox. That way I can look at them on my phone in the middle of the day if I want to. Just have it handy and just look at it when ever you can to remember the goals. I think you can find some examples (images) of dreamboards by googling dreamboards, or vision boards or treasure maps.

Have you tried to make a treasure map anytime or a vision board?  Maybe you called it something else.  You might just have a one special photo or one special item that brings to mind the thing that you desire.

How do you keep your dream alive? feel free to comment or tweet us.

And today’s affirmation –

I keep my dream alive knowing that the help that I need can come to me at any time and in any form. So I stay alert and grateful to guidance from right action.


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