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The thought came to me today, we often say, at least

at least this didn’t happen

…at least maybe I’ll get this thing.. or that bit about this deal, even if I don’t achieve my goal completely.

It’s said that words have power…that words can influence our minds, and therefore influence outcomes.

So I’m wondering now, when we say “at least”, does that mean that we’re asking the Universe actually for the least possible outcome?

Instead of the best possible outcome. ..we might think, for instance If you apply for some position or some job… at least, these people will know I exist.

But the other side of the coin is … at best, …you get that position. At best, you make a contact that will move you closer to your dresm.

I wonder if we should just give some thought…I should just give some thought …to flipping the switch.

When thinking about a desired outcome, … try,  “at best, this can happen…”

Maybe it will be like I am asking the Universe, opening my mind, my spirit to the best possible outcome, rather than the least good that I could get out of a situation.

Well perhaps someone else who was open to the best, gets the best. And I, or whomever, might get just the least because that’s exactly – in a well meaning way – what we asked for.

It’s something to give thought to isn’t it? Our words do have power. Sometimes we may think, I’m being realistic by saying, at least I’ll get my foot in the door.

Someone else could possibly be getting more than a foot in the door simply because they opened themselves to more.

Does “at least”, mean a lack of, or a fear of commitment? Fear of committing to a desired outcome because we might be disappointed or not up to the task, so we say ‘at least, if this happens…’.

Maybe we have to become a little bolder. Maybe we have to just have more faith in our ability. It’s worth an experiment to try don’t you think?

That which is meant to be ours, is ours; but we do have to claim it and take right action with a strong positive attitude and a belief in ourselves and our abilities.

Instead of, for something that you really want…instead of saying ‘at least…’, go for – ’at best, this will happen’.
You know what they say, somebody’s got to win, – so it might as well be you, might as well be me, might as well be us!

Let’s give it a go. It doesn’t mean not to be grateful for every tiny bit of good in our lives – 100% grateful – but it just means to stretch a little more. Reach for the star that’s that bit further. Think a little bigger.

So what say we check ourselves when we hear those words coming to our lips, our mind… ‘at least’; flip the switch to ‘at best, this will happen.’ And be open and receptive and grateful.



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