How to Enjoy Christmas Every Day!

Today I heard the first Christmas song on the radio. But do we really have to wait until December 25th for Christmas. Is Christmas a day, or is Christmas a feeling? I believe the Christmas is a feeling. And so we CAN have Christmas every day. We don’t have to buy expensive presents. We can have the feeling of caring for each other and caring for ourselves as the ultimate Christmas gift.

Merry everyday Christmas!

When we wake up in the morning and we look in the mirror at ourselves, we are looking at one of the greatest gifts that we could receive. We are looking at another chance to enjoy the gift of life.

We’ve been blessed with another day to go out into the world and do something good for others and something good for ourselves. Even if we are currently in a situation where we can’t go out into the world physically we can reach out mentally, we can reach out virtually, we can be reach out spiritually … just sending out good energy.

We can give to ourselves the gift of optimism and a more uplifted, positive spirit. When we start our day listening to the news we have a choice … we can be informed and then move on with our day, taking precautions as necessary, or we can be affected negatively with the mentality that all is wrong instead of all is well. This can then spill out into our relationships with ourselves and our relationships with others. Because it is possible that we will not be 100% our best selves because we’re covered in a cloak, a net, of negativity …of unease … and helplessness.

What else can we give to ourselves and others maybe as the ultimate Christmas Everyday gift? How about the gift of health. How about moving & exercising every day in ways that are fun and bring the fantastic benefit of building up our immunity and our physical and mental strength.That would last a lot longer than a bottle of perfume or something (which as an aside is not a bad gift to receive 🤗). But great health is the gift that keeps giving.

How about another idea for Christmas Everyday. What about the gift of gratitude. Being thankful for all the wonderful things that we already have in our lives. We have friends, we have family, we have technology that helps us expand our world and expand our knowledge, we have shelter, food, fresh water on demand …the list of small everyday things could just go on and on. But we’re often just so busy, that we just don’t notice … we just take it for granted that it’s there and will always be there.

And what about these two for Christmas Everyday… the gifts of hope and faith! Hope can be the beginning of faith.

Maybe you’ve got a situation in your life right now that you don’t know quite how it is going to work out. But we can hope for the best and then take whatever action that we can think of to help things along and to move things along, while having faith that in the end it is going to work out, the problem will be solved one way or another. And it WILL be done in a way that helps us, & any others involved, to grow and move on.

We can have faith that generally things will get better overall instead of getting stuck in the muck and mire of a gloomy mindset which doesn’t help us and doesn’t help anyone else, it just makes us feel bad. Let’s try to embrace the thought and the feeling and the mindset that things aren’t ending, they’re changing, growing, blossoming & beginning.

So there! That’s the Christmas Everyday gift list sorted!

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About stefsvoice

Hi! I'm an American voice actress based in England. I believe wholeheartedly in the power of positive thinking, meditation and positive affirmations. I'm also a meditation/affirmations teacher on Insight Timer. That is why I started "Happy Thoughts", the Positive Affirmations and Audio stories podcast/blog. It's a quick burst of positive energy to help keep us on the right track. I've also have recorded affirmations, meditations andstories on Bandcamp - - for on-the go/anytime encouragement.
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