Happy Thoughts-Change Our Beliefs

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 We didn’t have a podcast yesterday because there were some technical difficulties so today instead of poetry prose, we’re going to do something a little different. 

I found some cool information on changing our beliefs. It’s a book by Carolyn Boyes. 

How to change beliefs. What I read was that we can change any habits or any part of our life is quite a short time. It may seem a bit hard to believe That you can make such a major life change in as a short a time as a month.

 But maybe if your action is very concentrated, very intense it could possibly work.  

What the article said was we have to create a positive memory bank, change the script in our minds.  If our lives were films, what kind of films would they be – a comedy, a drama, a tragedy? We lives inside our heads much of the time and the way we see ourselves, the way I see myself could be totally different from the way others see me. They are looking from the outside.

This book says that we script our own lives. Whatever has happened to us – good things, bad things we choose what we focus on, and this impacts our beliefs about the life of we’re leading, and what we can choose for the future.

If we change our expectation in our heads to a very very positive one, we can change our beliefs about ourselves and build up positive expectation for the future. It’s all about creating a more positive memory bank. 

First we have to look for positive things in our past. 

If we see something negative, make it blurry and fuzzy so that we can hardly see it. If it’s a yucky sound, turn the volume way down.

Ok, next pick out a pleasant memory. Lots of detail and sound. I and you, can even big it up to make it even more powerful. Imagine turning the tuning dial up to 10 out of 10.

Then we just basically repeat the process every day over the next month- as many times as we like to set the memory and keep it fresh and vivid. 

Our brains will build a new habit and remember the past in a positive light.

So, what you think? Can we really change our belief about our background and move forward?

Or is stuff that happens in the past just the way it is and set in concrete? 

I have to think it is something we can change because if things aren’t working, we must take action, even a tiny action, to move forward.

 Have you ever had any experience of it? Many people change their belief by reinventing themselves — go to a new neighbourhood — new town, new job and come up with the whole identity.

Have you had some experience where you have changed your beliefs? Let’s help each other. If it is not too personal feel free to share on our Facebook page,  Positive Affirmations and Audio Stories.

What have you changed in your life through the power of your belief for the good?

Changing our beliefs is a powerful thing, and even if you don’t think you can do this in a month & need lots more time, don’t worry. Experiment. If you find yourself in the same space after a month’s trial, keep going , persist. Be gentle with yourself, you can do it. 

Today’s happy thoughts affirmation for me, and for you: 💖

“I am in charge of my beliefs. I can change them. Gently, slowly persistently I take myself to the next level.” Under grace and in perfect ways.

Have a great weekend! 🙂


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