Happy Thoughts – Right Attitude

Greetings! Today we’ve got a bit of prose with a riddle. It’s something that we all are born with…everyone’s got it…

We just have to work with it, to make it work for us. Then it’s all good. It’s one of our most useful tools for survival too!


Orkney, Scotland

This mysterious quality which we possess is ours to control. We can spin it to enrich the lives of other like a mystical, magical frisbee, or we can hurl it with deadly aim to hurt ourselves as well as others. This quality can take us and those we love to wonderful heights of success, or it can plunge us into the pits of depression. It’s with us from the time we wake up, until we go to sleep.
Have you guessed it yet?

It’s our attitude! And here’s the riddle in prose:

What Am I

I am seldom considered, though I do more to influence everything about you than virtually any one thing in your life.  I often control the time you get up in the morning, the time you go to sleep, what you eat and drink and the very thought that runs through your head.  I can make you either happy or sad, loving or hateful, cheerful or remorseful, congenial or spiteful and in doing so, control the very capacity that you have for success.

No, you don’t often think of me. Instead you BLAME the problem I create on the shortcoming of others, or the state of the economy, or your family or a million other reasons.  Often at times unable to find anyone else to BLAME, you look for shortcomings within yourself on which to lay the BLAME.

When my impact on your life fully is considered in your every thought and action, when you are mindful of my awesome power, when you nurture and groom me for positive use in your life, I can become more contagious than the most prolific disease ever witnessed by man.  My influence will spread to every person you come in contact with.

Groomed and nurtured in a positive manner there will be no person or obstacle that can stand in the way of my success or fail to be impacted for the better. 

‘I Am Your Attitude’

Author Unknown

Here is the  podcast of the poem, and a little discussion about attitude. There’s also an affirmation.



How do you manage your attitude? How do you keep yourself in a good, positive space? How do you bring yourself back when you slip off the track?

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About stefsvoice

Hi! I'm an American voice actress based in England. I believe wholeheartedly in the power of positive thinking, meditation and positive affirmations. I'm also a meditation/affirmations teacher on Insight Timer. That is why I started "Happy Thoughts", the Positive Affirmations and Audio stories podcast/blog. It's a quick burst of positive energy to help keep us on the right track. I've also have recorded affirmations, meditations andstories on Bandcamp - https://stefanialintonbon.bandcamp.com - for on-the go/anytime encouragement.
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