Trust Your Inner Voice

Today let’s talk about trusting your inner voice. With all the chatter on the social media and the fact that everyone has an opinion, it is sometimes difficult to just trust our inner voice.
Inner Wisdom
Steve Jobs one of the founders of Apple said,
“Don’t Let the Noise of Other people’s opinions drown out your own inner voice.”
We have to learn, we have to get good at learning that our knowing, our own intuition, is often the best advice we are going to get. No one can walk in our shoes but us. We are the ones who are actually living in our particular situation.
Sometimes in order to clarify our sight, we have to ask for help. We have to ask for alternate views just for comparison or to see a larger picture before we can drill down to a solution for our situation.
There is a difference between being egotistical and knowing it all, and knowing when and why to trust our own inner voice.
Sometimes we may feel there is no other choice, there is only one path, only one solution. But somehow we might not be comfortable that solution or taking that step. We can’t see the woods for the trees. It’s time then to have a chat with someone else or with several people to get a wider view. A wider selection of options that we could possibly take.  But still that final decision is up to us. We take in all the information, we evaluate it, and then we act according to our inner voice’s directions.
What are some good ways then, of finding that inner voice & tapping into our intuitive powers?
First let’s think about what’s resting on our decision. Is it an emergency? Is it time based with a deadline, or is it something we have time to mull over.
If its an emergency and we have to act quickly, we might just have to go with our gut reaction & make course corrections later.
If we have a bit more time, we can think about who is  affected by this decision. Is it just you…do you stand the most to gain or lose? Or is it a group endeavour, and yours is one contribution to the whole. Sometimes we have to compromise when others are involved. Or is it just a case of peer pressure. That’s often a tough one. We have to think of our own needs, obligations and feelings first maybe. Remember it’s ok to change your mind later in many cases.
If you can, find a quiet  place and visualise the various scenarios & see which one intuitively feels more comfortable. If you have time to do this before going to sleep, you might find that by morning, your subconscious will have been working overnight & an answer will present itself to you. Meditation and quiet times are very good for learning to stop, listen to and honour your inner voice & intuition.
You can also try free writing. Draw a line down a sheet of paper & without censoring yourself, make a list of pros & cons for your decision. Sometimes writing frees up the doubts, fears, and confident points of an issue.Sometimes seeing things in black and white can strongly show us the direction we don’t want to go, as opposed to what we do want. It like putting our intuitive, gut thoughts through a sieve. That which is not wanted goes through and that which is left in the sieve is gold!
It’s totally ok and recommended to bounce your thoughts off of someone you trust, but remember…it’s your life…when all’s said & done…trust yourself…believe in yourself.
So, let’s share. How do you make decisions? How do you rise above the opinions of others to follow your own path? What kind of things do you do to strengthen your intuitive powers and build trust in your inner voice?
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