Smash Those Goals in 2021

Just when I gave up I was standing right on front of it!

The other day I was in the supermarket looking for a certain item and and I walked all around the shop looking for this item called smash. I went up and down every aisle and around the back section but I couldn’t find it.

Then I went back down the very last aisle and I decided to ask the lady to help me.

And I asked her where is this item and she said it’s right there, and I looked up and I was standing right in front of it.

There was the Universe – giving me a little life lesson that I didn’t realise until sometime later after I left the shop.

Often we are working on a goal, a closely held to dream and we try this and that and nothing seems to be working really substantially.

We might have some small victories but nothing really big time as far as what we have in our minds. So we just give up and say it’s not meant to be.

Perhaps if we held on that bit longer, if we switched or tweaked our plan just that one more time, we might have crossed the finish line and found our dream and achieved our goal or at least achieved as much of it as would be needed to encourage us just to keep going.

So what was the lesson from this humble package of processed potatoes.

Don’t give up, even when it looks like it’s all over. Keep going!

If you must … tweak the plan; get some advanced knowledge – take a course/read a book; ask for assistance from someone you trust; try a different angle …but keep going. Don’t keep doing the same thing if it’s not working or you’re just get the same results and more frustration.

But make adjustments, realign yourself and set your sights again, monitor your progress, and go make the dream your reality or come as close to it as you can.

We can be so close to our goal but we just don’t know it. All we can see is that it’s not there. So just try giving it another shot going a little further down that road and then might be just just the thing that was needed to reach the goal post.

Lets share! …

Have you ever come so close to a goal, and you thought all was lost & were ready to give up, but something good happened that changed everything and you were back in the game again and on the way to a successful outcome. How did you turn things around in your favour? What kept you going?

Feel free to leave a comment on your experiences of perseverance in attaining your goal!

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About stefsvoice

Hi! I'm an American voice actress based in England. I believe wholeheartedly in the power of positive thinking, meditation and positive affirmations. I'm also a meditation/affirmations teacher on Insight Timer. That is why I started "Happy Thoughts", the Positive Affirmations and Audio stories podcast/blog. It's a quick burst of positive energy to help keep us on the right track. I've also have recorded affirmations, meditations andstories on Bandcamp - - for on-the go/anytime encouragement.
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