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Happy Thoughts – Tough Self Love – Get A Grip

Have you heard about tough love? Well how about tough self-love. We often hear about yourselves, be gentle with yourself don’t speak harshly to yourself. I think there is a time to speak a little bit harshly to oneself. Sometimes … Continue reading

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Happy Thoughts – Overcoming Self Pity

Hello friends, It’s been a busy month…joyfully hustling & bustling! Been quite busy with #voiceover matters lately. So here’s a podcast from our #happythoughts archives. What to do when you’re feeling down & self pity seems to overwhelm? Here’s my … Continue reading

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Happy Thoughts-Overcoming Self Pity and Moaning

Greetings and Blessings, Here is today’s short  blurb about moaning. If you feel like having a moan,  do it …but then let it go. Don’t let it linger and take root and grow into a nasty weed. Moaning to yourself,  – … Continue reading

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