Happy Thoughts – Your bucket of happiness

Today let’s talk about a tool to bring us back to center and balance out some of those negative energies that creep into our minds and lives.
purple bucket
One of my spiritual teachers said that her son was given a school project to fill up his bucket of positive happy thoughts and to keep it filled up.  What a lovely project for children. What are great project for adults!
We can visualise having a bucket and keeping it full of good,  empowering happy thoughts… things that make us feel good and move us forward.
 Then if we have a thought that is counter to the things that we want to bring into our lives,  we can imagine  the level dropping in our happiness bucket, and take steps to get back into balance.
Sometimes our bucket is not so full maybe half full,  or maybe ground  down to the last few drops in our happiness bucket.

By Dinkum (Own work) [CC0], via Wikimedia Commons

 Or worse yet  if we do or say demeaning things about ourselves, about our goals, about our abilities, we can think of a little bucket as having dents in it where we’ve kicked the bucket.
 This is just a little visualisation trick.  If we think of our little bucket as being decorated with flowers or whatever symbol is meaningful to us, when we abuse ourselves by thinking  negatively, by being down or harsh on ourselves, it’s like we are destroying our bucket of happiness.  We are kicking it & putting dents in it. We are damaging our little bucket of happiness… and at the same time ourself-esteem and personal energy.

This analogy may seem simple or childish but it is very powerful, because it is easy to see and easy to understand.

 How is your bucket of happiness doing today? Is it full, or have you  kick a little hole in it and the energy is draining?
 The good news is we can replenish that energy …we can repair the hole in our bucket of happiness.  We can repair the hole in our energy field.
 The damage is not permanent.  Just as we must water a plant  to keep it from dying we must water  our spirits and our souls and our energy and our being with  affirmative, powerful thoughts and actions.
 This includes action towards others as well …respect towards others.
 So  what does your bucket look like? How would you design it in your mind?
 Hold on to that picture, and keep it full of good positive energy. Top  it up as soon as you are able when you feel yourself flagging or your thoughts become a bit depressing or just not going in the right direction that you want.

I am talking to myself as well. I am going to make my bucket yellow with flowers on it,  or maybe blue with dolphins swimming around it, and I’m going to do my best to keep it full of good energy.  I can’t promise myself that sometimes I won’t put a few dents in my own bucket but I will do my best to recover.

 How about you?  What visualisation what image do you use to keep your energy in the right direction? How do you to pull yourself back when you’re flagging or feeling a bit negative?
 Let’s share and help each other!
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Hi! I'm an American voice actress based in England. I believe wholeheartedly in the power of positive thinking, meditation and positive affirmations. I'm also a meditation/affirmations teacher on Insight Timer. That is why I started "Happy Thoughts", the Positive Affirmations and Audio stories podcast/blog. It's a quick burst of positive energy to help keep us on the right track. I've also have recorded affirmations, meditations andstories on Bandcamp - https://stefanialintonbon.bandcamp.com - for on-the go/anytime encouragement.
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